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  1. We are planning to bring our child in to be evaluated at your Diagnostic Clinic. What kind of recommendations do you typically make to clients?

  2. When does registration start for 2009 summer camp? I want to make sure I get my son in before things fill up?

  3. Why is there such a dramatic rise in diagnoses of autism?

  4. I enjoyed listening to yesterday’s episode of The Monarch Hour on ADHD. During the show you talked about how “soothers” can help kids stay focused in the classroom. As both a teacher and a mom of a kid with ADHD, I would like to know more about different types of soothers and how to use them. Can you help?

  5. Do you serve adults through your Diagnostic Clinic?

  6. My child has Asperger and Tourette syndromes. The school tells me that his work avoidance is not related to his disorders but instead due to his emotional disturbance. They say that he verbally tells the teacher to do things for him (when she asks him to get out his textbook he'll say, "you do it") and they say that they do not see tics, etc. They also say they do not see sensory issues and that his problems with turning in homework is similar to others his age so it is normal behavior and not related to his disorders. Any suggestions?

  7. I noticed that you offer something called DIR® therapy. I have never heard of this before. What exactly is DIR®?

  8. Dear Monarch, I notice that in addition to diagnostic testing, your clinic also offers Therapeutic Services to the general public. Can you tell me more about what services you offer?

  9. I’ve always known that I was “different” from other people, but lately I’ve been thinking that I might have some kind of autism. Making and keeping friends has always been hard for me, and I have no idea why. For other people, relationships are easy, but I always feel really awkward talking to someone I just met. I always seem to say or do the wrong thing. I’ve had a few dates, but they’ve always ended badly. I’ve never had a real relationship. But I’d like to. I’m so lonely. What should I do?

  10. My son has been diagnosed with Asperger’s and AD/HD. At home, all he wants to do is either watch TV or play video games. It is a major struggle to get him to do anything else. I’m worried that all this time spent on computer and in front of the TV is not good for him. He would be on computer 24/7 if we let him. How much is too much?

  11. Hello. Just a question. Your school sounds amazing and I'm wondering if you have a "sister school" in the Dallas area?

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