The John M. O’Quinn Foundation Donates $5 Million for New Campus to
The Monarch Institute for Neurological Differences

It is with our deepest gratitude that we humbly announce that the Monarch Institute for Neurological Differences has received a transformational $5 million lead gift from The John M. O’Quinn Foundation. This incredible investment is leading the way toward completing the remaining two buildings for the campus that will house Monarch Institute, including The Monarch School and all related programs. This is the largest such gift ever made to a program of this type in the nation.

The late and nationally acclaimed Texas trial lawyer John M. O’Quinn left the bulk of his fortune to his foundation to provide support in the Houston area for education, health, medical-related projects, and programs benefitting youth from communities of greatest need. Mr. O’Quinn had supported Monarch in the past and was very interested in helping the campaign reach its goal, and the Foundation voted in late March to make this incredible contribution to The Monarch Institute. About $2.5 million is needed in commitments to close out this multi-phased campaign. The board is hopeful that the project will be constructed by August of 2013.

“John’s own mission was one of transformation and empowerment, and he had a deep affinity for The Monarch School and its students,” said Robert Wilson III, President of The John M. O’Quinn Foundation. “This gift will enhance the fulfillment of years of effort and planning to provide facilities for expansion of the Monarch Institute.”

Dr. Marty Webb, Executive Director of the Monarch Institute and Head of The Monarch School, said: “John spoke for the voiceless and powerless, a description that fits many of our students. His spirit will live on through his life’s work, and the Monarch Institute will spread its wings because of the incredible impact this lead gift will have on our campaign. We are so very grateful.”

The timely gift coincides with National Autism Awareness Month. The campaign to build a new facility, so generously put on its course by the O’Quinn Foundation, is being overseen by honorary co-chairs Rose Cullen and Kathy Cullen McCord, campaign chair Grier Patton, board chairman Dave Matthiesen, Monarch faculty members Dr. Marty Webb and Jenny Ferguson, and Ellen Cokinos, Campaign Consultant.

If you would like more information on the campaign and how to help, please contact Dr. Marty Webb, Head of School and Executive Director, at 713-479-0800.