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Walking the Talk, Literally!

In October 2008, Chris Fisher, of BenefitSpecialists and Susie Barone, a registered dietitian and wellness manager, presented a business case for employee wellness programs to the Special Schools Coalition. Chris shared the rising costs of healthcare throughout the United States and the impact these costs have with every industry, including education. He illustrated the rising rates of obesity and how this condition along with associated co-morbidities, have the biggest impact on healthcare costs.

They both shared that most health risk factors are related to lifestyle habits and as such could be changed, given a shift towards healthier behaviors. Susie shared the concept of adopting wellness as a core business value. She presented key steps in creating a wellness program in order to perpetuate a culture of wellness. Chris’ and Susie’s message was clear: an ounce of prevention is worth even more than a pound of cure.

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Strides for Strokes
Tracking the Track
Young adults from our Supportive Living Program were also out walking the talk on Saturday, March 6, at the Methodist Hospital Stride 4 Stroke event at Rice University. In keeping with the Monarch “talk” of the importance of providing service to the community, they walked to contribute to Houston’s only 5K run that is dedicated solely to this debilitating disease. Visit our website for the rest of the story!
Enjoy this PowerPoint chronicle of the construction of our new walking path, created by Andrew, a Monarch Apprentice Level student.
Monarch Guides Discussion on Relationship Development across the Lifespan
The Northwest Chapter of the Attention Deficit Disorders Association – Southern Region (ADDA-SR) recently sponsored a family-friendly discussion on ways that people with attention deficits may show differences in relationship development at various stages of life. Dr. Bryant Shaw, Director of The Monarch School Diagnostic Clinic, guided this discussion by presenting information on how attention deficits and related brain differences can, without support, contribute to lifelong relationship difficulties. Using a framework developed at The Monarch School for conceptualizing key components of relationship development, Dr. Shaw reviewed timelines for expected development while pointing out how attention deficits can impact growth in this all-important area.

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Spring Has Sprung!
Retailers Help You Help Monarch
The donation of 105 trees through Apache Corporation’s Apache Tree Grant Program was delivered on March 4th, just in time for spring planting. Members of our volunteer group, Movers & Shapers, along with students and several faculty members were on hand to unload and tag the trees. Permanent tree tags are being created as part of science class work with Challenger student, Max, serving as project manager. Read more here.
Certain retailers will donate percentages of your purchases to The Monarch School. These funds go directly to our scholarship fund and really add up over time. If you shop at Randall’s, give your Randall’s card to customer service and ask them to connect you to Monarch via number 6769. If you shop at Kroger, click here to get the Monarch barcode, print it out and bring it to Kroger and ask them to scan it with your Kroger card. You will have to do this once each year after April 30th. Visit our website for more on rebates.
Learning the Life of Business

One of the many advantages of all of the students now being on the same campus is the ability to access all levels of our program.

Recently, a group of seven Novice and Apprentice level students extended the use of The Life Academy by attending a class in which they practiced skills that will allow them to be contibuting members of The Life Academy in the future.

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The Monarch School’s Inaugural Faculty Cook-Off and Field Day
A Powerful and Important Message
Thanks to the hard work of faculty members, their families and our organizer, Judy Scruggs, the Inaugural Cook-Off and Field Day was a huge success. Our new campus worked beautifully as the site for the event and the weather cooperated by being slightly windy and overcast. A perfect day for an outdoors party!

The campus was festive with team booths, kite flying, DJ music, games for the kids including a moon walk, and loads of great food! Everyone had a wonderful day, and the spirited cooking competition was friendly but serious! Enjoy this slide show of cook-off photos!

We at Monarch urge you to read this heartbreaking but cautionary story, and then join us pledging to stay safe by not driving distracted.
“Geeks Rule” in New Literacy Assignment

As John Elder Robison was composing the draft of “Geeks Rule,” the sequel to his best-selling memoir “Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s”, he needed authors to create an accompanying Teacher’s Guide. Naturally, having already achieved success with Challenger students authoring the Leader’s guide for “Look Me in the Eye,” he recruited another group of skilled Monarch readers and evaluators.

Find out who these young authors are and more on this exciting work here.

Hall of Distinction Inductee
Monarch Minutes

Congratulations to Donald Gauci, partner with Ernst & Young and Monarch parent, who was recently inducted into the Louisiana State University E.J. Ourso College of Business Hall of Distinction. The ceremony was held on March 19th at Lod Cook Alumni Center on the campus of LSU in Baton Rouge. It is quite an honor to receive this recognition. An alumnus of the Business School, Donald joins other inductees that have made a substantial difference in their communities. Read more here.

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