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Looking for the Ultimate Gift?
On February 13, the Monarch School will have the honor of hosting Houston’s first private preview of The Ultimate Gift. This film is based on the life-changing book by James Stovall, which has sold more than three million copies and been translated into 15 languages throughout the world.

The story unveils the most valuable and often under- expressed gifts of life as they are discovered by a young man, Jason Stevens, who begins his journey awaiting an undisclosed inheritance from a wealthy uncle.

February 13th’s preview event will be held in partnership with the University of St. Thomas, which has graciously offered the use of its theater and reception hall. There will be two showings of the movie, one at 1:30 p.m. and another at 6:30 p.m. Tickets for each show will be sold at $50 apiece and will benefit the Monarch School. At both of the film’s showings, students from Monarch’s Challenger Program will be displaying examples of their work with the book.

At Thanksgiving, the students in the Challenger Program began following Jason’s journey as they learn about 12 gifts that have the power to change not only their lives but all those around them.

The Challenger students began their journey by learning about the Gift of Work and then giving the gift over the holiday season. One student prepared a meal for a woman suffering from cancer, another committed to keeping the family dog clean for a year, and still another assembled bikes for Elves and More with his father. The students have also given the Gift of Work by serving food and sorting clothes as Casa Juan Diego, gathering and delivering toys and supplies to DePelchin Children’s Center, and planting and tending the Butterfly Garden at the Houston Zoo.

By following the journey through the pages of The Ultimate Gift, the students are learning how to relate to each other and how to give the most important gifts in life: work, money, love, laughter, family, friends, problems, giving, gratitude, each day, learning, and dreams.

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