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Summer Program Underway!
The Monarch Summer program is in full swing, as we continue the relationships forged during the school year, reunite with friends from last summer, and build new relationships. Students are also enjoying a variety of exciting classes. Apprentice Program students have been learning about how their own brains work in “Mind Investigations” class, studying brain structure and where information is stored in the brain. For more on this and other apprentice stories, click here.

And where are the Monarch Challenger students? Could they be at Geopolooza at the Museum of Natural History? Or the newly renovated downtown library? Could they be at the Houston Zoo, or at brand new Discovery Park? Maybe you’ve seen them overnighting it at Lake Livingston, but then again they might be at Sam Houston’s homestead! Click here to find out!

The Monarch School at The Autism Society of America's
39th National Conference on Autism Spectrum Disorders
“A Place For All” to be Released in September

July 9-12, 2008
Orlando, Florida

The Autism Society of America recognizes that families and individuals living with an autism spectrum disorder have a range of issues and needs. The National Conference of the Autism Society of America, which was held July 9-12 in Orlando, Florida, is the only conference that addresses the range of issues, including early intervention, education, employment, behavior, communication, social skills, biomedical interventions and others, across the entire lifespan.

Debrah Hall, Ph.D. presented her research supporting the progress of students attending The Monarch School at this conference.
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You can place your orders now for a copy of The Monarch School’s first published book, “A Place for All: Ministry for Youth with
Special Needs.”
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Invesco AIM Donates Furniture to Monarch   Upcoming Events
With the new campus construction under way, Monarch has been on the lookout for donations of furniture to use in the classrooms and offices of the new campus. When Invesco AIM contacted Monarch regarding available furniture, we were thrilled. Two weeks ago, a moving truck delivered a full load of furniture to the school! Invesco AIM donated desks, chairs, filing cabinets, white boards, and much, much more.
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Monarch faculty speak! Click here for upcoming events.
What Makes a Strong Treatment Plan?

Many families come to the Monarch Diagnostic Clinic with evaluations that have been performed by clinicians in local communities and schools. Often these reports reveal the clinician’s thinking process in determining whether a child may meet criteria for a given diagnosis, e.g., Asperger’s Disorder, which can be very helpful to our clinicians in developing an initial set of hypotheses about the child. Diagnostic information is also generally quite useful in qualifying children for services and for starting to think about what kind(s) of treatment a given child may need. Click here for more on this story.

Laying a Strong Foundation  
Movers and Shapers
The foundation for our new building has been poured and is complete!

Steel to soon follow!

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