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Waves of Joy

Monarch students like Ai-Keen and Sammy and their families set sail this summer on an adventure made possible by the Heart of Sailing Foundation.

“We had a great time,” said Sammy’s mom, Julie. “Sammy loved being the Captain. We highly recommend it to other parents.”

HOS was created to provide a unique recreational activity not consistently available, building upon therapeutic practices in an environment which promotes teamwork and addresses many of the developmental needs of children. Sailing is a unique integrative sensory experience which is also enjoyed by the whole family. Click here for more on this story.

With Gratitude for 10 years of Service - Ms. Madelyn Browder  
Summer Venture Program

“Madelyn was the best. I’ve never met a more patient, welcoming person!”

“It was such a joy to see Madelyn’s smiling face when I walked in every morning. She always welcomed me and helped to start my day off right!”

“Madelyn’s positive attitude made working at Monarch such a joy!”

These are just a few of the thoughts and feelings we hold in our hearts for Madelyn Browder, who has retired after faithfully serving as Monarch’s Secretary for ten years.

Madelyn, we salute you, we thank you, and will always be grateful for your friendship and service to the Monarch School!

This summer Monarch once again ventured into new territory with a pilot program to give some Monarch Challenger and
post-graduate students a chance to take and apply their skills
in new environments.

Here is the link to the Shutterfly photo book of the summer
venture program.

With Gratitude for 10 years of Service - Mr. Kearney Morgan  
Dr. Webb Appears on Great Day Houston with Deborah Duncan
Kearney Morgan has been Monarch’s business consultant since the school began. In fact, the first meetings Mr. Morgan had with Founder and Head of School, Dr. Marty Webb, were in Dr. Webb’s converted garage during the year of planning before the school opened. Before he began his own consulting business, Kearney’s background included positions as business manager at large private schools in both Louisiana and Houston.

For ten years, Kearney worked closely with Dr. Webb on the pivotal work of establishing business procedures, preparing balanced budgets, consulting on bookkeeping practices and providing monthly financial reports to the executive board. Click here for the full story.

Click here to watch the
video of Dr. Webb being interviewed by
Deborah Duncan on
KHOU Channel 11!

A Peek into the Lives of our Kids By Dr. Marty Webb, Monarch Head of School

Voiceless. Invisible. Embarrassed. Frustrated. These are just a few of the emotions I felt when recently I had laryngitis for a week. And yet, that week was one of new insight for me into what many of our kids must feel like every day of their lives.

There is a novelty when one can’t talk at first. People smile and try to help you. They’re patient as you write needed communications on paper. But what if you couldn’t write? Those with whom you were trying to communicate would just have to guess what you were trying to say. And what I learned is that even when you can write, you can’t express what you are trying to say fully enough with quickly jotted notes. Misunderstandings abound, even when both parties are trying hard to communicate. Click here to continue reading Dr. Webb’s story.

Learn to Exercise Your Brain!  
Movers and Shapers
Join us at the Monarch Learning Center on Saturday, August 23rd from 9 till noon for a Brain Gym® Workshop!

Brain Gym® is a program of easy physical movements that synchronize body and mind to optimize how we learn and perform. Developmental experts have known for over 80 years that physical movement activates the brain and enhances learning.

Find out more about this exciting educational technology. Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor, Jamie Flanagan, invites you to “Come experience Brain Gym® with other educators, parents and therapist. You will walk away from this experiential workshop with simple tools to use at your school or your home!" Click here to register.

An organization of friends of the Monarch School, who feel called
to share their time, talent, and treasure in forwarding
the mission of Monarch.
The Monarch Hour Radio Program

If you missed the July episode on Asperger’s, here's another chance to listen to the great broadcast plus all the past Monarch Hours.

Visit our website to listen.

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