Alumni Update: Robin Daldry

We are fiercely proud of Robin Daldry and are delighted to report that this fine young alumnus of the Monarch School has achieved great things since voyaging from Monarch to his native home of Scotland.

Robin completed high school there in his first 2 years after transitioning from Monarch in 2005. During his final year, he attended college every Friday, which provided a beneficial transition to attending full time, starting in the academic year 2007-08. 

At the end of his graduation year, Robin was invited to speak at a Scottish conference on improving the educational experience of people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and was able to comment on the positive experiences he had both at The Monarch School and at the Marlpool School in Scotland. Click here to watch a video of Robin’s presentation.

“ I think it is very useful to help people understand what autism is,” Robin wrote in a recent email to Monarch staff, “I was very pleased to talk at the conference and a lot of people were proud of me for doing it. One of the parents said that their autistic son wanted to be like me!”

Robin is now back at college for a second full year and is taking a number of classes specializing in horticulture.  He is already putting some of these skills to good use in helping family and neighbors with garden work.  

“I am getting on really well at college and I am hoping to get more challenges this year,” Robin shared.

In addition to his studies and work, Robin enjoys an active social life.  He participates in a weekly youth club and a church youth group, and has made many friends through these groups and through college.  He enjoys pastimes such as playing chess and doing sudoku puzzles, and is also learning piano.

When Robin has spare time, he often goes back to help out as a volunteer assistant at his old school, where staff and students are always pleased to see him. Robin is also doing volunteer work at a charity shop on Saturdays. 

“I will be coming back to Houston to visit soon,” Robin wrote, “And I am looking forward to visiting Monarch and finding out how everyone is getting on.”

We at Monarch are eagerly anticipating Robin’s visit in October, and are pleased to announce that he has accepted our invitation to speak at the Monarch Miracle Makers Morning Breakfast on Oct. 16!

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