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We recently received the following question in an email from one of our readers: “Why is there such a dramatic rise in diagnoses of autism?”

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Our Honorary Capital Campaign Chairs  
Photo Op!

The Monarch School is deeply grateful to our honorary Capital Campaign chairs Rose Cullen and Kathy Cullen McCord. Kathy’s daughter Sarah is a Monarch student at our Challenger Campus.

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One of our terrific
Life Academy sponsors,
Genesis Photographers,
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while supporting
your favorite school –
The Monarch School.

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Facing the Winds of Change

On the day we all went home to ready for Hurricane Ike, Challengers shared a community meeting. We knew that we each would face challenges to our emotions, relationships, decision making, and our competence at survival.  We focused on the positive aspects of that challenge, calling us forth to be our best, when Mother Nature would be at her worst. And when the storm hit, the students and faculty rose to the occasion! You’ll see this in some of the reflection work we recorded after the hurricane in our Literacy, Math/Science, Executive Functioning, and Life Academy pods. Click here for a peek at our work!

Island Time in Room 1  
Making Miracles

“What are the forces that cause changes in the surface of the earth?” This question was posed to the students in Room 1. Research on the computer provided them with two answers: volcanic activity and the of the earth’s tectonic plates. These students then determined how an island of their creation would have its origin. Visit our website to read the rest of this story and other Apprentice Program stories!

More than $141,000 was raised when over 700 friends, neighbors, parents, and students gathered at The Westin Galleria on October 16, 2008, to participate in The Monarch School’s seventh annual Miracle Makers Morning breakfast. Visit our website to read more about this important event!


Miss the last episode of the Monarch Hour?

Click here to enjoy listening to the Oct. 13th episode, with special guest, Carol Race, whose son with autism was barred with a restraining order from attending church. John Elder Robison, Monarch Honorary Graduate and author of the bestseller, “Look Me in the Eye”, called in and shared his wisdom with us as well. The entire episode was dedicated to discussion about welcoming young people with neurological differences into extracurricular organizations.

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