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An Attitude of Gratitude

Monarch students in the Apprentice Program are finding new ways to express their gratitude in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday. Throughout the month of November, they have been discussing what they are thankful for, planning ways to share the gifts they have with others in their community, and practicing the skills of perspective-taking and empathy as they learn about homelessness in the Houston community. Visit our website to read more about this and other Apprentice Program news!

Challengers Get Energized   Special Thanks to the Miller Family

Eight young women from the Monarch Challenger Program recently attended the 5th annual Young Women's Energy Event at the United Way Community Resource Center. The students prepared for this event with great anticipation and excitement, helping each other as prepared, and were rewarded at the event with numerous compliments on their attire and professionalism. Visit our website to read more about this exciting event!

The Monarch School received a generous donation of a gently-used Mercury Grand Marquis from longtime friend Ray Miller, who died in September of 2008.

Click here to read about how this family has been so generous to the Monarch School.

Monarch Student Work Chosen for Green Works Expo

On November 5, 2008, from 6-8 p.m., The American Institute of Architects opened a new exhibit: Green Works Houston. The projects for the exhibition were juried by a panel of regional experts, and The Monarch School was among only 36 projects selected! Visit our website to read more and to look at the slides and video interviews of our students describing their work!

Veterans Day Means Labor Day for Monarch Kids!

November means preparation for the holidays for lots of us, but in the Monarch Life Academy, students are preparing for the holidays of our troops overseas. It takes five weeks to get supplies into the hands of the U.S. troops who are deployed in thousands of locations overseas.

Monarch students have worked for Operation Interdependence for the last five years, sending supplies to the troops on a regular basis. Visit our website to find out how they do it!

Monarch Parents Go Back to School

On Friday, November 7, Monarch Challenger parents walked in the shoes of their children and went back to school! Our Monarch Literacy pod guided them through our Language Arts and Social Studies Curriculum, with Mr. Singer, Ms. McGarvey, Ms. Shaw and Ms. Dueker sharing their skills, talents and coursework.

Visit our website to see our parents advancing their reading, vocabulary, dramatic presentation skills and social studies thinking and knowledge. They are learning by doing the work their students do on a daily basis, and also discovering how the Literacy program is shaped to support growth in each of the four Monarch Core Goal areas.

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