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There were ohs and ahs and screams of delight (that would be Dr. Webb!) as several Executive Board members and school leaders toured our new campus recently. They enjoyed visualizing the rooms which will grow around the steel studs already in place and climbed the stairs for beautiful views of the huge outdoor classroom.

The construction is on schedule and the building is now sealed from the outside and inside work is proceeding. Completion is scheduled for late April and the move-in for late May. The summer educational program will occur at the new campus!

We’re grateful to generous Houston foundations for their support as well as to corporations, parents, grandparents and friends who have already pledged their support.

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Question: My child has Asperger and Tourette syndromes. The school tells me that his work avoidance is not related to his disorders but instead due to his emotional disturbance.

They say that he verbally tells the teacher to do things for him (when she asks him to get out his textbook he'll say, "you do it") and they say that they do not see tics, etc.

They also say they do not see sensory issues and that his problems with turning in homework is similar to others his age so it is normal behavior and not related to his disorders.

Any suggestions?

Visit our website for the answer to this question and other “Ask Monarch” questions from previous newsletters.

Monarch Celebrates MLK Day!

We at Monarch have a long tradition of using the MLK national holiday as one of reflection, education, and community service. Long ago, we chose to honor the holiday by focusing our minds and hearts on the day and shaping that day’s curriculum toward advancing the vision and contribution of Martin Luther King, Jr. Visit our website to see how we did this in our Apprentice Program and Challenger Program!

Miracle Makers

More than $28,000 was raised when over 200 friends, neighbors, parents, and students gathered at Sweetwater Country Club on November 13, 2008, to participate in The Monarch School’s second annual Ft. Bend Miracle Makers Morning breakfast.

Guests heard stories of Monarch’s amazing work from current parent Barbara Adcock and post-graduate student Bailey Ferguson. A special thank you to our sponsor Dewey Underwood.

On behalf of the faculty and students at Monarch, we would like to thank everyone who helped make Ft. Bend Miracle Makers Morning a success!

A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime   New Publication

Stacy Reddoch, Monarch Diagnostic Clinic Coordinator, is celebrating the upcoming publication of yet another study of neurological differences in persons with autism.

Stacy’s role in this preliminary study, which involved an examination of how sensory processing centers are distributed in the brains of persons with and without autism, included coordination of the study itself as well as participation in the assessment portion of the study procedures.

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Innovative Education

Recently, Monarch Challenger Teacher Frank Singer and his literacy class, along with John Barone, Monarch Director of Communications, enjoyed a phone conference with John Elder Robison, friend and honorary graduate of Monarch, to celebrate and review the work that they did reading and developing a Teacher’s Guide for Mr. Robison’s bestseller, “Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s.”

The class has been working for several months, reading and discussing the book, identifying the themes from each chapter and carefully developing summaries, discussion questions and activities to be included in a teacher’s guide, to be published this spring for Random House. After reading the manuscript, Mr. Robison wrote, “I think you and the kids have done a great piece of work here.”

Visit our website to read more about this exciting project!

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