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Monarch Students Have a Lot to Give!  
Making Time for Change

We are proud to celebrate and announce an opportunity that will be both innovative and therapeutic.

The Monarch School is the grateful recipient of a Challenge grant from an anonymous donor.

Terms of the grant are that Monarch students plan and distribute philanthropic gifts in kind or in cash equaling $10,000 dollars. Visit our website to read more about this exciting opportunity and other Challenger stories!

On February 4th, 2009, our Christopher Perri, MS/LMSW, represented The Monarch School at Voices for Change Day (formerly Children's Advocacy Day) in Austin. He joined over 600 advocates, parents and youth at the capitol with the intention of helping our legislators to Put Kids First for the current legislative session. Visit our website to enjoy more information about Mr. Perri’s visit!

Monarch’s First Van Retires to a Happy Place

Six years and 77,000 miles ago, Challenger Program Director, Dr. Neal Sarahan and his wife Joyce generously gifted Monarch with the first in a fleet of donated vehicles that have helped us on camping trips, field trips, swimming lessons, community service projects, the launching of our Supportive Living program, employment and store runs. The van was featured in a video tour of the campus prepared by students in 2003 for Coach Russo.

This month, we retired the green van – before its head gaskets needed surgery. We wish “Previa” well – and promise to visit the van often in our memories of Monarch on the road.

This van, and the seven other vehicles that now comprise the Monarch fleet, were all donated by friends of Monarch. It will need to be replaced, so if you have a working vehicle you’d like to consider as a taxable donation, please let Shannon Woodruff know at

A New Community Connection: “Serving those who Serve”  
Ask Monarch

The Life Academy students have long been serving our veterans overseas through Operation Interdependence. They collect items that can be shipped in boxes each month to a soldier for his platoon. The boxes contain items such as food, health and beauty aids, games, cards, and many other small items that we take for granted in our daily lives. Some of the items are too large to fit in the zip-lock bag required for shipment, so for these items we have now found a new destination directly to veterans here in Houston! Our new community connection is with U. S. Vets, located in downtown Houston, where they serve soldiers reentering the workforce. To read more about this important relationship, click here.

“Do you serve adults through your Diagnostic Clinic?”

Visit our website to read the answer to this and other “Ask Monarch” questions, and send in a question of your own! It might be featured in next month’s newsletter!

Monarch Students Assist Galveston Recovery from Hurricane Ike

Monarch students recently noticed news from the Governor, alerting national and statewide agencies that the needs of Galveston persist, and that the focus of media and public attention has shifted away from recovery for Texas coastal communities.

Challenger and Apprentice students organized and gathered up nearly half a ton of food, with a retail value of several thousand dollars.

Visit our website to read the rest of the story.

Alumni Update: Cyrus  
A Shocking Discovery

We recently received the following letter from Cyrus, a former Monarch student, to Dr. Debrah Hall, Monarch Apprentice Program Director, and are delighted to share it with you:

Dear Dr. Hall,

The Monarch school has helped me in so many ways. I did not talk to most people. The Monarch school helped me conquer my fear in the best way they could and were not mean about it. I had so much fun there and learned so many interesting things.

Click here to read Cyrus’ letter in its entirety.

One recent weekend, Josephine, Monarch parent, was curious why her daughter, Lulu had been on the trampoline for so long. When she went in the backyard to check on Lulu, she discovered that she couldn’t get off the trampoline because the static electricity kept shocking her….a science experiment in the back yard! Visit our website for the electrifying pictures of precious Lulu, who can now laugh heartily about her experience!
Why Build GREEN?

Monarch’s new campus is designed not just for today or tomorrow, but with an eye toward the future. The 57,840 square foot project has been designed to achieve silver-level certification from the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED ®) program.

Visit our website to read and see some of the Green features of Monarch’s new campus!

Grandparents/Special Friends Day  
Movers and Shapers

For the 8th year, Monarch students welcomed guests for Grandparents and Special Friends Day. Grandparents, parents, siblings, and friends gathered in classrooms to see and celebrate the hard work that students do every day. Visitors also joined in special activities, like the weekly Greenstone ceremony at the Apprentice Level, which was made extra special thanks to all our guests! Click here to read the full story.

An organization of friends of the Monarch School, who feel called
to share their time, talent, and treasure in forwarding
the mission of Monarch.
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