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Monarch Tuesday Tours

You don’t need a reservation. No need to call ahead. Just come.

Every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m., The Monarch School invites you to come and see lives being shaped from the inside out. Listen, as we remember our roots, sharing Monarch’s rich history and ongoing mission. Watch our recent past and hear testimonials from parents in the Monarch video. Then walk with us into our classrooms, and witness first hand the powerful transformations in progress, where students with neurological differences are experiencing academic and social success and making their own significant contributions to a community of learners, many for the first time in their lives. Visit our website to learn more about Tuesday Tours!

Green Savings  

In the first years of Monarch, a wonderful tradition emerged, and is still being practiced today. Dr. Pete Simione, who served as a member of Monarch’s Psychology team, introduced a wonderful book by Alice Walker, called “Finding the Green Stone”.

The story tells of how a village comes together to support two children as they search for the greenstones they lost. This serves as a good analogy of how the entire Apprentice Program community supports the students’ work on their individual objectives. Visit our website to read more!

Two happy Monarch students give each other a hug!
Monarch Celebrates it’s 7th Annual Junior Ring and Appreciation Ceremony

“We have good reason to predict the future. We know that you will proceed toward graduation. Right now, today, we want to celebrate how far you’ve come. For each of you, we’ll work toward graduating in 2010! It’s an auspicious year. Thinking within a Monarch image of the Monarch butterfly, you’ll be drying your wings next year in the new campus and preparing to learn how to fly. Today is focused on each of you – but we also know that it’s about thanking all those who have helped you own this moment.”

Click here to see the slideshow.

A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime  
Ask Monarch

Dear Monarch,

I enjoyed listening to yesterday’s episode of The Monarch Hour on ADHD. During the show you talked about how “soothers” can help kids stay focused in the classroom. As both a teacher and a mom of a kid with ADHD, I would like to know more about different types of soothers and how to use them. Can you help?

Thank you,
Diane in Kingwood

Dear Diane,

We’d be delighted to help you learn more about soothers.

Visit our website to read the rest of the answer and learn more about soothers!

The “Bizness” of Life

Apprentice and Challenger students recently represented the Monarch School at their annual trip to participate in the JA BizTown™ experience. This event was a culmination of their studies in math, government, and personal economics, and students had a chance to practice their skills in a simulated “real-world” city environment, with a radio station, restaurant, newspaper, and more. This year Monarch students were in charge of the delivery service. Thanks to their hard work both in the classroom and on the day of the event, they were able to increase their sales margin enough that they made a profit! Read the rest of the story here!

The Monarch Hour

Listen to our latest episode on 90.1 FM KPFT.

Monday, March 23rd! Our topic: ADHD.

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