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Question: I noticed that you offer something called DIR® therapy. I have never heard of this before. What exactly is DIR®?

Answer: Monarch is the only K-12 school in Texas acknowledged/sanctioned by ICDL for DIR® therapy.

Click here to find out more about DIR® and other services of the Monarch Diagnostic Clinic in our Q&A section.

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Texas Envirothon 2009  
Read Any Good Books Lately?
For three years in a row, one or two teams of 5 high school students from Monarch have participated in the Texas Envirothon, North America's largest and most academically challenging high school environmental competition. Envirothon enhances students' environmental literacy and enables them to make informed decisions regarding the environment. Visit our website to read the rest of the story!
Monarch Students have! Visit our website to see some of the books the Challenger Level students are reading.
Special Guests Get Sneak Peek of New Campus

We loved hosting a "Sneak Peek" cocktail party for major donors at our unfinished campus on April 1! It was an energetic, joyous occasion, catered by none other than our own students through their work in our Life Academy. We hope you'll enjoy these photos of the event. We're headed down the homestretch of the capital campaign, still working hard to raise the final $1,000,000. If you would like to make an investment in The Monarch School of any amount, no matter how large or how small, please click here!

Fast Friends
People often become good friends because of commonalities they share. This is certainly the case with our good friends at Young Audiences of Houston. YAH and The Monarch School have a shared commitment to enhancing students’ creative and critical thinking skills and self esteem, and awakening their interest in learning. Visit our website to learn more about this friendship and to read about the recent contributions of Monarch students and faculty to the YAH exhibit, “Faces of Autism.”
Brain Awareness Week

Apprentice students recently celebrated Brain Awareness Week, a yearly celebration of the brain sponsored by the Dana Foundation. According to the Dana Foundation website, Brain Awareness Week is “an international campaign dedicated to advancing public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research.”

Visit our website to learn how Apprentice Program students advanced their awareness of the brain!

Lemonade Day

When starting a business that begins with helping others, you enjoy success from the first step! For the past three years, students from the Life Academy have participated in “Lemonade Day”. This citywide program became nationwide this year, as interest in young entrepreneurship spread across the country.

Visit our website to learn how Monarch students not only participated in Lemonade Day, but impacted all the students who are participating in Lemonade Day throughout the Greater Houston area!

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