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Monarch’s New Campus Nears Completion

We’re thrilled with the progress of our new building! We will move to our new campus at 2815 Rosefield in late July. Every time we go to the new campus, it gets more beautiful.

We have also completed a long-range master landscape plan which our environmental education program will use as a template for continued development of this beautiful 11 acre site. Click here to see more pictures.

Ask Monarch  
Green Schools

Dear Monarch,

My son has been diagnosed with Asperger’s and AD/HD. At home, all he wants to do is either watch TV or play video games. It is a major struggle to get him to do anything else. I’m worried that all this time spent on computer and in front of the TV is not good for him. He would be on computer 24/7 if we let him. How much is too much?

Visit our website to read the answer to this and other “Ask Monarch” questions, and send in a question of your own! It might be featured in next month’s newsletter!

Monarch has been accepted into the American Forest Foundation’s GreenSchools! Program and recently attended a GreenSchools! training, one of twelve GreenSchools! workshops being conducted around the country in 2009.

Full story here.
Mennonite Farewell Story

Once upon a time over a decade ago, a new private therapeutic school was looking for a home. They’d hoped to find classroom space in a church but had no luck. They were beginning to get frantic, because it was now spring and the new school would open in the fall. Then they knocked on the door to the Houston Mennonite Church and asked if the church might consider renting them some of their beautiful four wooded acres upon which they would place three modular buildings. The church members thought and prayed. They recognized that their own mission had so much in common with this new school, The Monarch School. And their answer was a resounding “YES! We will share our home with you!” Read the rest of the story on our website.

A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime  
Senior Prom

Monarch high school students celebrated their annual Prom at the Texas Safari Banquet Center on April 25th. The theme this year was city lights, and Kathy McCord generously provided a splendid DJ for the fabulous evening! Visit our website to see photos from the event, and read a touching testimonial letter about the prom from a Monarch parent!
Students with Differences Making a Difference

Monarch students have announced the 2009 recipients of the Monarch Philanthropy project! Six local ministries received cash gifts of between $1000 and $2500 dollars, made possible through the generosity of an anonymous donor. Visit our website to find out who the recipients were!

Apprentice Program News

As a part of their observation of Earth Day, students in the Apprentice Program enjoyed a hands-on experience of how plastic bags can add to the world’s pollution. Over a three day period they gathered over 1,000 plastic bags from their homes and created a “Chain O’ Bags” that ran from the front of the property line to the back. As one student was overheard saying, “I am gonna tell my Mama to start asking for paper bags!”

Click here to read this or other Apprentice Program stories.

No Place For Hate  
Outdoor School

For the third consecutive year, The Monarch School has been designed a No Place for hate School by the Houston Chapter of the Anti-Defamation League. The Anti-Defamation League challenged our students to participate in various activities to become an official ‘No Place for Hate’ school, and to reach a consensual agreement on goals to treat each other with respect. Full story.

On April 26th, 2009 the entire Monarch School Challenger Campus traveled 3 hours to Marble Falls to attend the Outdoor School Camp Champion in Texas. All of the students were separated into clusters and attended various activities which include ropes course (climbing ropes attached to 20 foot tall secured poles), kayaking, fishing, archery, survival skills, dancing, and the trip to the Enchanted Rock. Overall the trip taught the students how to use their EF objectives outside of the school. Click here to see the pictures.
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