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Monarch Receives LEED Gold Certification for the Chrysalis Building

Monarch Students Interview Mayor Parker About Houston’s Green Future

The Second of a Two-Part Story by Richard Klein, Monarch Teacher, Environmental Educator and Monarch Students.
(Click here to read Part 1)

Monarch Goes to City Hall By Molly, Ali and Declan

For over a month we prepared for an interview meeting with the Mayor of Houston. We researched environmental questions to ask and looked at her campaign website. Molly created the questions thanks to the awesome information that Ali and Declan had found. After doing a lot of revising we had our questions ready. Finally, we got our answer. We were meeting with the mayor on the Fortieth Anniversary of Earth Day! We would report to the mayor’s office at two o’clock in the afternoon. We were so excited that after all the hard work we put into the project, we finally set a date to meet the mayor of Houston. We decided who was going to ask which questions, set some ground rules, and rehearsed until it was time to go on the trip. Visit our website to read more about our students’ interview of Mayor Parker!

Ask Monarch
Dear Monarch: I’ve been enjoying NBC’s new drama, “Parenthood.” There is a character on the show who was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s (Max). Is this a realistic portrayal?

Media portrayals of people with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) do appear to have moved closer to reality over time, although there are some aspects of these depictions that continue to leave us feeling less than satisfied. Since the savant-like thinking and quirky actions of Dustin Hoffman’s character Raymond Babbitt first caught the world’s eye in the 1988 film “Rain Man,” we’ve seen a variety of film, television, and print characters with ASDs. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that screenwriters and storyline developers are now treating characters with ASDs as more than a mishmash of unusual symptoms and rare special abilities, yet we continue to hope for even greater honesty in the development of these characters within a realistic framework and context. Visit our website to read the rest of this answer, or to ask a question of your own.

A Letter to Monarch Life Academy

Dear Monarch,

I just returned to the office from my Rotary Club lunch, and I saw some of your students there selling their jewelry (of course I bought one for my wife). They also had the chance to go on stage and present a check to the Rotary Foundation. I know you are so proud of not only the school, but the quality of the people you are helping to mold. I just wanted to share with you that over 100 people in the Houston Rotary Club had the chance to witness it today also.

Best regards,
Adam Blumberg
Financial Services Professional / Special Care Planner
The K Corporation

Dear Adam,

Thank you for your kind words, and yes, it was a wonderful day! As Scott handed out flowers to the arriving awards winners, Thomas and Shay were helping Rotarians, friends, and family to the wonderful new Autism bracelets, Rotary bracelets, and many additional new pieces of jewelry created in our Life Academy. It was such a proud moment too when the students awarded to the Past District Governor, District Polio Chair and the President Elect their “big check” for $500 for polio and cancer. Visit our website to read the rest of this answer, or to ask a question of your own.

A Little Day Music

On May 5th, several of our Challenger students attended a noonday concert in the Wortham Theatre foyer presented by Da Camera of Houston. Our group of 30 was among 200 individuals who had traveled to downtown for an hour of beautiful music. They were able to take their lunches and eat while the musicians performed.

Visit our website to read the rest of the story.

Music at Monarch

Apprentice student AiKeen, whose lovely piano music fills the air each morning for arriving faculty and students, participated in her annual recital recently. She added to her skill base as she learned to use the pedal to enhance the music.

Good work, AiKeen! Click here to see more pictures.

Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Barcode Now Available

Certain retailers donate percentages of your purchases to The Monarch School. These funds go directly to our scholarship fund and really add up over time. If you shop at Kroger, click here to get the Monarch barcode. You will need to print the page and bring to your Kroger cashier for scanning in order for The Monarch School to receive rebates from your purchases. You will have to do this once each year at this time. Thanks so much for supporting The Monarch School!
A Tree Grows at Monarch

Actually, lots of trees are growing on campus thanks to many volunteers and support from the community. Through the generosity of Apache Corp., Doug Webb of Tree Arts and Monarch faculty members Christopher Perri and Richard Klein, over 110 trees have been donated to the school for campus reforestation and beautification. On Saturday, May 1st, volunteers were on hand to plant these trees. Visit our website for more on this.

An Evening at the Ballpark

Monarch Board Member Featured in Forbes Magazine

We are so proud of Monarch executive board member Marilyn Macha, who was featured recently in Forbes magazine. We are grateful for her ongoing volunteer work and support of our school.

Visit our website to read the rest of this story and to read the Forbes feature!


Dr. Marty Webb and Dr. Neal Sarahan recently had an opportunity to learn about “microboards” from parent Bill Hayes and his associate Lisa Wilson. And no, this microboard is not a computer part! It is a small group of committed family and friends who join together with a person with a disability to create a nonprofit organization. This group develops a person-centered plan called a PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) to address the individual's support needs. This PATH - the goals and dreams of the person with a disability - becomes the microboard's mission. Visit our website to learn more about microboards.

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