Mark S. Wertheimer

Company/Occupation: ExxonMobil; Development Company (SeaRiver Maritime, Inc.)

Title: Project Manager

Board Member Since: 2012

Board Committee: Executive Board


What originally inspired you to join the Monarch board and why did you become involved with Monarch Institute Board of Directors?


Becoming a Board Member at Monarch seemed to be the next logical step after our son started there. I was invited to participate in some Risk Exercises with a team compiled of Board and non-board members, which was sort of a trial run.

Soon after, I was invited to become a member, two years ago and have never looked back. I proud of the work this school is doing with people that have neurological differences and only wish that we could make our process more available to a larger population within our community. I feel my role on the Board is to make sure we continue to meet our vision of having student reach their full potential, utilizing the resources and facilities available. I feel my experience in the energy business brings a unique perspective that is valued by my fellow board members and it is this diversity that makes the Monarch Board very effective at doing its job. I look forward to meeting the students, parents and faculty as we move into the next phase of the school’s life.