Loretta Norris

Para Professional - Transition Services
Professional Educators

Loretta comes to Monarch with 19 years of teaching experience as a para educator in a life skills classroom. Though the position came quite by accident, Loretta has never looked back and has considered the opportunity a life changing experience. She has worked in both small groups and one on one to maximize the full potential of each and every student.

Her love became a passion and a career to work with children who have learning difficulties and takes pride in finding ways to make her kids successful in the challenge. She was a part time teacher for ten years for Head Start to Reading where she taught reading and writing classes to pre-K and Kindergarten children. Loretta has been a personal tutor to many of her former elementary school students. Some are now young adults and considered part of her family.

Loretta is excited to continue her teaching education at Monarch because she is of the opinion that we learn something new every day. We all grow in the experiences and opportunities that are placed before us.

Loretta is strong in faith, family and friends. She loves cooking, road trips, camping and an occasional great day floating on the Texas rivers. She looks forward to her next life adventure.