Paige Atkinson

Professional Educator - Art
Professional Educators

Paige graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Masters in Art Therapy. After receiving her Bachelors in Journalism and Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin she went to pursue her passion which combines art and people. Her experiences working in a therapeutic school and children’s hospital in Chicago expanded Paige’s enthusiasm for creative collaboration with children. Paige has a very broad definition for what “art” is and is a firm believer that everyone is an artist, and art making can be inherently therapeutic, as well as a challenging and fun way to gain self-awareness.

When she is not teaching, Paige is in her studio painting both professionally and recreationally. To her, art is a form of play and always an avenue for happiness and joy. Paige trains annually for marathons, both locally and nationally. She enjoys spending time with her family and four dogs.

Paige is so excited for this opportunity at The Monarch School to create a space for learning and creative self-expression.