The Monarch Institute is dedicated to empowering vulnerable individuals with neurological differences to move from dependence to interdependence and make more meaningful contributions in life.


The Monarch Institute aims to provide global leadership in innovative, therapeutic education for individuals with neurological differences—such as those associated with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder, learning disabilities, Tourette Syndrome, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, traumatic brain injury and seizure disorders.


  • Expand therapeutic services, including neurologic music therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and DIR® therapy for neuro diverse children and adults—within an objective-based levels system.

  • Increase student enrollment.

    The Board of Trustee's analysis of growth includes an increase of approximately 15-20 students each year over the next few years. This is a conservative, fiscally responsible estimate, and it is possible that enrollment could grow faster. Gradual growth will allow school leaders the necessary time and resources to hire and train highly qualified faculty members—and help us assess each prospective student's needs to determine if the appropriate program components are in place.

  • Increase the number of students we serve through The Monarch Institute’s summer educational program.

  • Expand graduate-level internships and fellowships in psychology, therapeutic services, social work, education and pediatric medical residency training.

    We train interns and fellows from the University of Texas Medical School–Houston, University of Houston, Houston Baptist University, University of St. Thomas, Our Lady of the Lake University and Texas Women’s University. Our goal is to increase the annual number of internships and fellowships once we expand into the Butterfly Building and Monarch Center.

  • Increase the number of professional presentations we offer to national and international mental health and educational associations.

    Increasing the size of our professional faculty will give us more opportunities to offer training that is based on The Monarch Institute model. Currently, our faculty presents at several national conferences—including the Autism Society of America, National Attention Deficit Disorder Association, Learning Disabilities Association of America, International Conference for Teaching and Learning, and the Council for Exceptional Children. In 2010, we trained nearly 1,500 teachers at 40 different workshops and impacted 150,000 students. 

  • Replicate The Monarch Institute model in cities around the United States and the world.

    We completed replication at the Colegio Monarch, Guatemala in 2007, and Monarch Therapy School, Mexico City in 2012. Over the next few years, our goal is to double the number of teams we train.

  • Advance our research initiatives to support, improve and disseminate The Monarch Institute methodology.