The Monarch Institute Difference

A Learner Approach

At The Monarch Institute, we help transform individuals with neurological differences by focusing our methods on strengths, as well as obstacles. We encourage high levels of ownership and family participation and expose our students and clients to innovative growth opportunities that increase the likelihood of success. At The Monarch Institute, we are dedicated to shaping lives from the inside out.

A Learning Model

We enable transformational change in those we serve by focusing on their successes in Four Core Goal areas—self-regulation and self-awareness, executive functions, relationship development and academic competence. Individualized objectives in these goal areas change as clients develop within our Levels System, which includes four unique stages—Novice, Apprentice, Challenger and Voyager.

Through this unique system—and with mental health experts and professional educators there to support them—our students and clients continuously uncover opportunities that help them transcend obstacles and succeed.

A Learning Environment

The Monarch Institute includes the healthiest and most sustainable school in Texas. Our entire campus features purposeful design from one end to another—creating a unique environment that best enables our students and clients to flourish. The first of three planned buildings for our campus, the Chrysalis Building, achieved LEED® certification at the Gold Level—an award unsurpassed by any other school in Texas or any other special needs school in the United States. The remaining two buildings will also be constructed to LEED standards. Our aim is to pioneer school design, environmental stewardship, and sustainable energy and growth strategies.