Re-enrollment for Current Monarch Students 2018-2019
Instructions for online re-enrollment via RenWeb 2018-2019
Steps for Re-enrollment
Steps for Submitting Payment for Registration Fee and Deposit
Re-enrollment is complete only after all of the following items are completed

Instructions for online re-enrollment via RenWeb 2018-2019

  • Re-enrollment is for current Monarch students only. New students and new siblings must contact our Admissions office.
  • Only one parent will complete the online re-enrollment for their child in order to avoid duplication.
  • All families must have current tuition accounts, with no late payments due, to complete the online re-enrollment. If you have any questions regarding your financial standing, please contact our Director of Finance, Tammy Hopwood, at or by phone at 713-479-0800.
Re-enrollment Timeline
February 16 A link to the re-enrollment process will be available on the homepage of our website.
February 16 Re-Enrollment packets are available via ParentsWeb.
March 19 Re-enrollment packets are due, along with the $2300 tuition deposit. ($500 registration fee plus $1800 tuition deposit)
August 1 All registration forms that require a parent signature and/or a physician’s signature are due to your child’s Program Assistant. You can scan and email these forms, deliver them to the school, or mail them to your child’s Program Assistant.
Your child will not be able to begin on the first day of classes until you have returned these forms to the appropriate Program Assistant.
Financial Aid Timeline
February 1 Financial Application is available via FAST system.
March 20 Financial Aid Committee makes the first round of awards.
April 3 Financial Aid Committee makes the second round of awards.
April 16 Financial Aid application closes for currently enrolled families.
April 17 Financial Aid Committee meeting to make the final round of awards.
  • Before you begin the online re-enrollment, you will access ParentsWeb through your existing login via RenWeb.
  • You will need to know your ParentsWeb login in order to complete the re-enrollment packet. If you need assistance with creating a ParentsWeb login, please contact our Director of Information and Technology, Kyle Nguyen at or 713-479-0800.
  • RenWeb’s online process requires that only one parent be given re-enrollment rights for each student to avoid duplication. If you need to change this setting prior to beginning the re-enrollment process for your student(s), please email Jacquice Jones at to request this change.

Steps for Re-enrollment

  1. Open a web browser and visit the ParentsWeb site to login.
  2. District code "tm-tx" (if it's not already filled in)
  3. Enter your username and password. Make sure Parent is selected.
  4. Click Login

  5. Click Family Information button in the left menu.
  6. Click Enrollment/Re-enrollment

  7. On the Online Enrollment page, you will see your child’s name and grade level for the 2018-2019 school year. [Grade levels are your program level such as Butterfly 1, 2, or 3. See Program Descriptions for further explanation. Case Management contracts are numbered (in no particular order) for the purpose of segregating each learner contract, these are not program levels and they all fall under the description of Case Management in the Transition Services Program Description.] Click Start Enrollment Packet.

  8. You will click on each of the forms or answer questions going down the screen. You may stop and save your work (at bottom of screen) any time and return to finish. There is a list on the left of the screen that shows all the steps/forms in the packet. You can select the forms to navigate back and forth through the process. Watch for yellow arrows that indicate a form is not complete. If there is a yellow arrow, go back into the form and it will indicate which items need to be answered by a .

Steps for Submitting Payment for Registration Fee and Deposit

  • Please submit your payment to the Monarch Business Office by March 19. You may send a check or notify the Business Office to pull payment from your bank via ACH. If you do not have an ACH form on file, one is provided in the re-enrollment packet.
  • If you need assistance, please contact our Director of Finance, Tammy Hopwood, at or by phone at 713-479-0800.
  • Submit the re-enrollment application by paying the fee online.

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Re-enrollment is complete only after all of the following items are completed:

  1. Online RenWeb re-enrollment packet is reviewed and signed by parent.
  2. Re-enrollment fees are paid.
  3. All Registration forms will be completed during the online re-enrollment process. However, due to required third party signatures, you will need to print and sign the last 2 sections and submit to the appropriate Program Assistant by August 1, 2018.
Medical Forms
Request for In-school Administration of Non-prescription Medications
Request for Administration of Prescription Medications
Student Medication Form
Health Record: Exam and Immunizations
Publicity and Transportation Forms
Equipment, Transportation and Walking Permission
Promotional Material Permission

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The process should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Your information can be saved with a button at the bottom of the screen, if you need to quit and come back later.

Questions about Accounting: contact Tammy Hopwood at

Questions about Re-enrollment: contact Jacquice Jones at

Questions about ParentsWeb login: contact Kyle Nguyen at