Admissions Process

 An information packet is given to a parent or guardian following an inquiry or a referral. After a tour, an initial visit with the Director of Admissions can be arranged for additional information.

Before the admissions process can begin, these items must be submitted:

  • Completed application form with a non-refundable $550.00 processing fee
  • Results of psycho-educational testing within the last 12 months, including intellectual testing (IQ) and achievement testing
  • A diagnostic impression from a clinician and/or a formal diagnosis
  • The most recent copies of all speech and language assessments, occupational therapy reports and physical therapy reports, if any
  • Individualized educational plans, report cards and/or transcripts and any other pertinent information
  1. The application is reviewed by the Director of Admissions and the Admissions Team to determine if the appropriate testing has been submitted, if the applicant’s therapeutic needs can be met at The Monarch School, and to make a preliminary recommendation regarding the appropriate program level for the prospective student.
  2. The Director of Admissions meets with the parents for an interview. The prospective student is not a part of this first visit.
  3. If appropriate, the Director of Admissions meets with the prospective student.
  4. The Admissions Team reviews the application and a decision to proceed is confirmed.
  5. If indicated, a meeting with the Chrysalis Program Director, Butterfly Program Director and Multidisciplinary Psychology Team may be scheduled for the parents and prospective student, often followed by a scheduled school visit for the prospective student.
  6. If the student is accepted, a meeting is scheduled for the parents to meet with the Head of School and Program Director, for a presentation of the enrollment contract. At this time, parents will receive an official acceptance letter along with the enrollment contract, specifying the level of tuition services.
  7. The family has 14 days to review, sign and return the contract, along with an enrollment deposit of $500 (separate from the $550 application fee) and a tuition down payment of $1800. Upon receipt, educators and psychologists begin constructing the student’s initial treatment plan.
  8. If we find that The Monarch School will not be able to meet an applicant’s needs, parents will receive a letter of recommendation. Alternative considerations may be offered in an optional feedback meeting with the parents. If we find that a prospective student would benefit from the Monarch program, but current enrollment is filled to capacity, the prospective student will be placed in a waiting pool.

The Monarch School has a rolling admissions policy, whereby students may be enrolled at the beginning of each new quarter as space becomes available. Please note that fourth-quarter admissions are quite rare.

If testing data is current and complete, this process normally takes a minimum of 3-5 weeks. If diagnostic testing is incomplete, updated testing may be required as part of the admissions process.

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