Who Should Apply

Students Considered for Admission:

The Monarch School and Institute serves students and young adults with neurological differences. Our students are often diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, or other neurodevelopmental disorders that impact learning and development. Our students often have difficulties in organization, planning, motivation, social/emotional development and information processing.

Students Who May Not Be Considered for Admission:

  • Students who require 1:1 support for basic functioning, medical care, or safety
  • Students with acute aggressive behavior/self-harm that may be better served in a day hospitalization or residential facility rather than a therapeutic day school
  • Students in active phases (or frequent cycling) of psychosis, schizophrenia, or thought disorders
  • Students that require daily on-site medical care
  • Families that are noncompliant with physician recommendations for medication management
  • Students with conduct disorder and other anti-social behavior problems
  • Students with drug and alcohol problems
  • Students with primary sexually problematic behaviors

Profile of Typical Monarch Students Prior to Admission:

  • A history of never being carefully evaluated
  • A history of being bullied or socially rejected
  • A history of not taking ownership of their actions and performance
  • A history of relying on splinter skills without a developmental foundation and integration
  • Little self-efficacy or initiation for non-preferred activities or tasks
  • Unable to manage sensory input or process and organize the information presented in the course of an average day
  • Students who lack the skills for initiating, maintaining and repairing social encounters

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