Life Academy Creations:

Students Create Art Cards from Beautiful Handmade Recycled Paper

The merging of colors and the contours of texture attract you to the many pieces of paper covering the production tables of the Life Academy.Through a generous donation brought by a Monarch grandmother by way of her friend, the students are sorting through boxes of recycled papers to make a variety of gifts for Earth Day and other community events. The papers were purchased all over the world by a local artist who sought out the finest recycled and handmade papers from Nepal, India, and Costa Rica.The fibers of the paper were made from local vegetation, including banana and coffee fibers.

The artist’s vision was ‘Art Cards’, a combination of digitized high definition floral art printed on the 100% recycled materials.Although the artist passed away in January, his vision is continued through the Monarch students who are making recycled art, note cards, and even our version of art cards with trees and flowers created by layers of paper on paper.The students have also created butterfly seed cards with delphinium and blue bonnet seeds mixed in the paper so that whole card can be planted and will grow into beautiful flowers.

Students are still exploring, creating, and producing many new items using these precious papers that came from nature and give us renewed interest in this natural beauty.As we practice the business of life, we celebrate the lives of those that have provided this wonderful gift and we look forward to sharing the student creations with you all soon.