Melissa Cooper, B.A.

Professional Educator - Chrysalis Program


Melissa graduated from the University of Maryland where she earned her B.A. in Criminal Justice. While in college she took courses in psychology, sociology, and family dynamics while working with children with neurological differences part-time.

After graduation, she moved to Texas and became a Registered Behavioral Therapist, ABA certified. She became aware that children are her passion and believes there is nothing more rewarding than helping children learn and gain new skills they will use for the rest of their lives. She notes helping non-verbal children to communicate using different methods as one of her most rewarding accomplishments.

Melissa is excited about working with the Monarch School and likes its approach of blending psychology and education to provide a highly individualized program. She also likes how everything about Monarch supports the power of transformation for each child.

In her spare time, she loves discovering Houston, dancing, fishing, four wheeling, Jazz Sundays, and making everything a learning opportunity!