Butterfly Program Summer Session

The Monarch School’s Butterfly Program Features “SHIP” Building Theme for the Summer Session 

“SHIP” building didn’t focus on building ships (except for the pirate ship building in art class), but did focus on relating The Monarch School’s Four Core Goals of Relationship Development, Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation, Executive Function, Academic and Professional Competence to eight “SHIP” building tools – Friendship, Stewardship, Relationship, Ownership, Leadership, Membership, Sportsmanship, and Craftsmanship.

For four weeks the students participated in activities, games, art, lessons and field trips to apply their “SHIP” building tools and Four Core Goals to projects and daily activities that included music/drama/art, math lab, health/self-care—“taking care of myself” and culinary-healthy eating and drinking. Other lessons and activities included sewing/weaving and painting. Also lessons on “taking care of my community”, manners and etiquette, friendship and creating a culture that builds a cohesive group. 

Field trips included outings to: Whole Foods Voss and included a healthy food scavenger hunt. A trip to the Interactive Theater in the Heights, where students saw Texas, Our Texas: the Story of the Bayou City.  Students also took tours of 12 ethnic grocery stores in our area to learn about various cultural foods in preparation for the Festival of Cultures held during the last week of Summer Session.

Monarch Student In the Community: