Challenger and Voyager Summer Program

Our summer program began on June 10, 2013. Fifty Challenger and Voyager students are participating in Summer Program 2013. In our Challenger program we are focusing on how “We are Living in a Four Core Goal World”, and are exploring “How They Did That?” in Mayan times, too. Come visit the Tulum Room and the Copan Room each morning!

Monarch Summer Program Newsletter for the Challengers produced in the morning sessions.

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In the afternoons, Challengers jump forward in time. We build and operate our own four core goal world and our own operating system for living successfully. As part of the Monarch Summer Program, Challengers took field trips and participated in activities in the afternoon sessions.

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Voyagers are in their own world and time – expanding employability skills, pursuing post high school opportunities, and building their own life plans toward successful adulthood.

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Monarch Student In the Community: