Interns 2015

Area Educators Get Real World Training Through The Monarch School's Professional Educator Internship Program

The Monarch School’s Professional Educator Internship Program provides real world training and helps aspiring professionals gain valuable hands on experience while they are pursuing a degree. These internships fall into several categories based on the Intern's level of experience and discipline.

The Graduate Level ILP Intern is an individual that is working toward a doctorate or master’s degree in a mental health service field. They work one-on-one or in small groups with students to assist them in developing and setting goals within the Four Core Goals. They are ultimately working toward licensure as a mental health provider.

The Undergraduate ILP Interns are working on an undergraduate Psychology degree, or beginning a master’s degree and are exploring their career path options. They assist groups of students in the classroom in an academic or therapeutic capacity. 

Academic Teaching Interns are prospective teachers who are either exploring a teaching career or pursuing a teaching certification through non-traditional means. The Academic Teaching Interns fall into three categories. In the first category interns hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in another field and are exploring teaching as a career. In the second category interns are earning an A.A. or B.A. in education or related field and desire the practical experience in a dynamic environment. In both of these categories the interns serve as teaching assistants, often working with smaller groups to implement the lessons the Professional Educator has developed. In the third category, interns hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in another field and are completing the Texas Alternative Certification with a year of supervised teaching with a probationary certification. In this category interns serve as Professional Educator under the close supervision of the Academic Services Coordinator to develop lessons, analyze data to inform the next teaching decision, and develop effective classroom management.

Student Teachers are individuals completing their traditional teaching education program to earn either a B.A. or M.Ed. and need to volunteer for a year of student teaching to complete their degree and earn their Texas Teaching Certification(s). The Student Teachers gain experience through classroom observation and mentoring. They co-teach individual students and groups of students in cooperation with a certified teacher. The certified teacher maintains responsibility for the course, offering the student teacher increasing responsibility over time.

The Monarch School and University of Houston Partnership
The Monarch School also has a partnership with the University of Houston. Student Teaching Interns from U of H are novice teachers working with students under the mentorship of an experienced teacher on the Monarch campus. The Monarch School has a dedicated faculty member (Academic Services Coordinator) who is also a University of Houston faculty supervisor, able to give daily guidance and feedback to teachers’ lesson planning, teaching, and classroom management.

In the Spring, The Monarch School was approved as an advanced practicum site for the University of Houston Ph.D. program in School Psychology.  Beginning this fall, The Monarch School will provide training opportunities for these 3rd or 4th year doctoral students.  Monarch also has partnerships with St. Thomas University and Texas A&M University.

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