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Gymnastics Article
By: Kevin S.

What is Gymnastics all about?


     Kevin: Gymnastics is all about getting your body
                  healthy and fit. So I interviewed 2 people
                  to get information on how they feel about
                  gymnastics. Let’s hear from a Chrysalis
                  student named Erik.

                 What is your favorite activity at gymnastics?

      Erik: “Block wars because we like to throw blocks
                at one another. I like being a trap. I hide and
                then when someone comes up, I pop up and
                throw blocks at someone.”

Gymnastics specific:
I think the warm-ups are very tiring because it hurts when I stretched. It might hurt because I’m new to Monarch and it will hurt if it’s your first time at Gymnastics. Now let’s hear from Tristan (from the chrysalis building).

Quote from Interviewee:
                 Kevin: How long have you been at gymnastics?

      Tristan: “I’ve been there a lot of times. We get
                     really excited when we go. Coach Lisa
                     and Coach Butch teach me gymnastics.
                     To me, they look like the owners, they
                     know a lot of things. First we do the
                                  warm-ups and stretch…like 6 or 7
                                  obstacles. Coach Butch does examples, 
                                  but I can do it myself.”


Thank you to Ms. Julie for setting up the plan for gymnastics for this first quarter. Thank you also to Discover Fitness Foundation that provides the funding and makes the connection and then Stars Gymnastics accommodates us.

I’m Kevin and this is your Monarch newspaper. 

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