Transition Services

Intern Spotlight-- Caytlin

We have proudly chosen Caytlin for our Transition Services Intern Spotlight. Caytlin has been with Monarch since 2009. Last year Caytlin began working two different internships, Primrose and All Pets Animal Hospital and has continued through the summer and into this year. 

Caytlin is a wonderful young adult whose self-described “perky” energy drives her desire to participate in off-campus internships. There are no loss of words when describing her love for her internships. 

“Working off-campus is important to me because I need to get out and get going. It’s good to be active at a job, because it makes me feel happy and good inside. I love what I am doing!” says Caytlin with an infectious smile.

Monarch’s Transition Services team supports learners in a variety of ways when working in off-campus internships. Most important is to find an appropriate placement for the learner, which is partially done through completing an information form regarding interests and skills; two very important domains and very different considerations. At times, interests do not match skills, and skills are more reliable in appropriately placing a learner in an internship.

 “At All Pets, I enjoy the tasks I do. They have given me a new task so I don’t get bored. At Primrose I like to serve the snacks and help the kids. The kids need to pay attention more, but that’s why I am helping them out during my internship.” Caytlin says with confidence.

Caytlin has developed good workplace relationships and takes pride in completing her work to the level of expectation. When questioned, Dr. Choyce of All Pets Animal Hospital stated, “Caytlin has improved tenfold.” Often Monarch’s Community Partners don’t realize the full benefit of their commitment to learners. In most cases, it is the community partners who improve the lives of learners “tenfold”.

Monarch acknowledges Primrose and All Pets Animal Hospital as being Ambassadors For Change. Caytlin’s community is all-encompassing and she is on a steady move forward in achieving her personal goals in employability. We salute you, Caytlin, for giving your all to both of your internships!

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