Mission / Philosophy

A Transformative Learning Environment

The Monarch School is dedicated to providing an innovative, therapeutic education for individuals with neurological differences—such as those associated with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder, learning disabilities, Tourette Syndrome, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, traumatic brain injury and seizure disorders. Offering a learner-centered approach that helps students progress in Four Core Goal areas, The Monarch School is a service of the Monarch Institute for Neurological Differences, where we’re transforming lives.

Mission Statement

The Monarch School and Institute is globally recognized and dedicated to providing an innovative, therapeutic education for individuals with neurological differences in an environment that supports self-determination and empowerment in the greater community.


To serve the educational needs of individuals with neurological differences by offering a unique, therapeutic learning environment where active minds are challenged, all are treated with respect and dignity, learning is a joy, and wisdom is the outcome.


  • To develop active critical thinkers and problem solvers
  • To teach the members of our community how to create and reach their goals
  • To nurture socially competent and responsible individuals
  • To encourage emotional competence and responsibility
  • To provide those with neurological differences a successful school experience and hope for their futures

Our Faculty Believes

  • Our work makes a difference by providing education and therapeutic support to individuals with neurological uniqueness, and their families, in a safe environment helping them reach their fullest potential in achieving all aspects of life, academics, social, employment, and interdependent living.
  • We impact the future of our learners by providing opportunities to identify and access their strengths and talents in order to develop and maintain relationships, be contributing members of society, and to venture out into the world with permission to be themselves, confident and with a sense of purpose.
  • We are a relationship-based, co-creating community that provides a fun, flexible learning environment to support learners in reaching their potential.
  • Monarch’s work improves the quality of lives for our learners, their families, our communities, and us.
  • That building strong, supportive relationships is the key to learning and growth.