Novice and Apprentice News April 2013

The good job the community helpers did
By Calvin Tang

Room 128 and Room 163 made a plan to bring the firefighters & the constables some healthy but delicious food to thank them for helping our community. We were also learning about healthy food in science class. On Thursday, March 28th, we went to Fire Station 77 & the Command Station for Constables Precinct 5.

Now here is how we did it. First, we brainstormed different kinds of food that are healthy and that we could make at school. Then, we voted about what food we wanted. The winners were trail mix and veggie tray. Then, we prepared the food. Next we split into 2 groups to deliver the snacks to different places. My group went to Fire Station 77.

When we got to the fire station, we gave the firefighters the veggie tray. When the other group went to the Constables they gave them the trail mix. They ate their food. The firefighters let us get on the fire truck and take a picture. I loved going there and the firefighters loved our food. They even let me see the laundry room. They are very nice people. It felt really good to do something nice for them.

Grandparents and Special Friends Day
By: Max and Erik (Room 163)

In February we had Grandparents and Special Persons Day. This is a day when our grandparents and friends or family come to visit us, so it’s very nice.  All of the students planned fun activities to do with their visitors and we all played together.  Everyone at the whole Monarch School participated in some way.  The Life Academy had jewelry, candles, bath and spa items, gift baskets and more available for purchase.  They also offered baked goods to their guests.


Grandparents and Special Friends day is a day to show appreciation for some of the special people in your life.  We are glad we get to celebrate this special day at The Monarch School each year.

Grandparents and Special Friends Day
 (Room 133)

Grandparents and Special Friends Day, was for sure a special day for all in Room 133. On the days prior to this special day, the students practiced their cooking skills working all together to make a lemon cake to share with their loved ones. Each student was in charge of a different part of the project: some made sure to gather all ingredients and utensils and prepared the working space, some made sure that the recipe was followed in order, some measured the ingredients and mixed them, some were part of the cleaning crew, and all practiced their teamwork skills to make sure that the lemon cake was delicious. Once the first lemon cake was baked, the students were happy to share it with each other in the classroom. Yummy! 

The students enjoyed this project very much and were happy to make a second lemon cake to share, this time, with their grandparents and special friends. Apart from making the cake, the students also worked on a slideshow video, writing the captions for it.  Enjoy!