A Great Beginning for the New Year and New Buildings!


Our annual Parent Volunteer Sign-Up Coffee was held on Wednesday, September 11th, in the assembly area of our new Butterfly building! The excitement was noticeable as many of our attendees had not previewed the space until then.

Our 2013-14 wonderful Parent Volunteer Coordinators –Karen Barnhart and Maggie Ramos for Challenger/Voyager and Brooke Ernst and Karen Rezai for Novice/Apprentice - were terrific hostesses to an energetic and receptive group. Susan Rankin has agreed to coordinate our F.I.N. (Families In Need) program again this year. A special thanks for service was given to outgoing coordinator, Susan Pittman.

Volunteer opportunities were reviewed and once again, we had all spots filled for our monthly faculty luncheons, lovingly provided by our parents! Susan Rankin gave an overview of F.I.N. and what it has meant to so many of our families during a time of need.

Starbucks (www.starbucks.com) continues to be a wonderful community partner and provided delicious coffee with all the accouterments for the gathering. Parent Debbie Levinton donated Three Brothers Bakery delicious pastries for the group. Fresh fruit and juices were also offered to our guests. Everyone enjoyed these special treats while learning more about volunteer opportunities.

One of the purposes of this annual gathering is to offer volunteer opportunities to our parents such as preparing monthly faculty lunches, assisting with indoor and outdoor projects, and volunteering in several other areas. Another purpose is to announce the annual Miracle Makers Morning Breakfast, review the event and distribute Table Captain’s packets. And last, but not least, the purpose of meeting new parents and seeing old friends is a big draw for the morning’s attendees!

A spring Appreciation Event will be held on April 17th to thank our parents/grandparents/guardians for their volunteering, support and advocacy throughout the year.

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