Voyagers Dress for Success and Practice Interview Skills

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Monarch Voyagers realize the importance of dressing for success for employment.

At first glance, an individual’s presentation may determine gaining employment, or not! Part of Monarch’s Employment Program training focuses on dressing appropriately according to the culture of a particular company.

As an extended component of the training, Voyagers also learn that appropriate dress is only part of the equation. Presenting oneself in a positive manner is necessary for the duration of the scheduled time while working for a company.

Topics, such as recognizing need and acting upon it can make an employee indispensible, committing to problem solving, arriving early to ensure you’re ready when expected, asking to assist voluntarily, and so on are included in our employment program.

Even though Monarch Voyagers dress for success, you can also count on them to strive for success in many other ways.

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