Reasoning Mind

The Math/Science Pod has joined with the professionals at Reasoning Mind to pilot their new 6th grade curriculum.

The program uses an interactive, virtual classroom to offer comprehensive, logically sequenced lessons designed by master teachers.

Students at Apprentice, Challenger and Voyager levels are also working with Reasoning Mind courses for students working at second through fifth grade standards.

We are grateful to the excellent team at Reasoning Mind, Travis Dezendorf and Megan McConnell, for connecting us to the Reasoning Mind community and for the many on-site visits to check-in, problem-solve, and witness the amazing work our students are doing.

"We're very grateful for this partnership," said Travis Dezendorf, Senior Implementation Coordinator for Reasoning Mind. "The students at Monarch have some of the best test scores that we have seen and they are very meticulous in completing the program,” he said. 


Monarch Student In the Community: