Students in Chrysalis Program Share the Lasting Gift of Community Service

In December of 2013, the Chrysalis Program students participated in two very special holiday community service projects.

All classes took part in a drive to collect hats and gloves to be delivered to Turning Point Center, an organization that provides supportive services to homeless elderly individuals. Through the generous support of our Monarch families and staff members, we were able to collect 150 new hats and 150 new pairs of gloves that were added by the staff of Turning Point Center to gift bags of practical items to share with residents as holiday gifts.

Many of the students personally delivered the items and were given the opportunity to tour the facilities including the community garden with founder, Mrs. Isha Salas Deselle, followed by a question and answer period about the services provided by Turning Point. It was a meaningful experience for all!

A particularly special part of this drive involved Apprentice student, Drew R.
Drew and his mother, Karen went to the Walgreens at the intersection of Gessner and Kempwood and purchased 30 hats to donate. Curious about the purchase, the store manager, Mr. Darren Fucci engaged Drew in conversation about the large quantity of hats. Mr. Fucci was inspired by Drew and Monarch’s act of kindness and generously offered to donate an additional 30 hats and 30 pairs of gloves for Turning Point Center! We were overwhelmed by this gesture! We are so grateful to Drew and his family, Mr. Fucci and Walgreens, as well as to the Monarch community for kindly supporting this worthy cause in our community!
The staff at Walgreens look forward to Drew's visits to the store. "He brightens our day and inspires us to be better people," said Walgreens Store Manager Darren Fucci.

Some of the students who participated in the delivery of our donation have shared their thoughts about their experience.

“We donate the hats and gloves for the people that doesn’t have it. I felt great because the people will feel good who doesn’t have the money to buy them.” –Apprentice student, Lauren M.

“Ms. Isha showed us around. I saw a garden to grow things for the community. They pick it when it’s ready. They can eat it. Then we went in a special meeting room to have a meeting of course. We talked about giving things to the people. We brought hats,gloves, and scarves. It made me feel happy because people need them. I sure am glad the people got them to keep warm.” – Novice student, Xander M.

“Every Grandma and Grandpa is warm because we gave them hats and gloves. I bought some for them. I went to the Turning Point Center and we donated them. Then I went on a tour with Ms. Isha.” – Novice student, James G.

An equally, heart-warming experience occurred when two Novice classrooms visited the residents of the nearby assisted living facility, The Hampton Spring Shadows. The students went to share some holiday joy along with cards and crafts they created for these individuals in our community.


Novice student, John T. shared the following reflection of this trip: “I was going the Hamptons. I give a surprise! I got new cards for grandmas. The grandpas and grandmas so happy to see me!” These two field trips provided a great opportunity to serve and support others in our community through interactive experiences. We look forward to future collaborations with both organizations and once again want to thank all of the generous supporters in the Monarch community and at Walgreens.

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