Butterfly Program

Monarch Graduates Take Flight
 Seven Monarch Senior took flight and graduated from The Monarch School in May. In addition, two Voyager graduated too.  

Senior Graduates 
Jack Barnhart
Anand Chokshi
Jodie Coorsh
Brett Fritsche
Kevin Jackson
Navid Momin
Dylan Thibodeau 

Voyager Graduates 
Ignacio Andrade
* Matthew Akintobi (Fall 2013)

Senior Gifts to the Monarch School are a tradition. Senior students contribute a gift of their talents as a tangible reminder of their lives here at Monarch. 

Dylan Thibodeau
Take Off

Navid Momin
Monarch Community Blocks

Kevin Jackson
Baseball Field

Brett Fritsche
Beginning Bee Keeping Book

Jodie Coorsh
The Beauty of Growth

Anand Chokshi
Faculty Luncheon & Monarch Coat Racks

Jack Barnhart
Senior Trip 2014 & Coming Full Circle

Ignacio Andrade
Letra un Million De Amigos de Roberto Carlos (A Million Friends)

The Monarch School Prom 2014

Senior Quotes and Words of Wisdom

Jack Barnhart

"You can spend your life judging people or, you can spend it making friends. Take your pick." –  Carroll Bryant

Jack has taught me that you put hard work into making new friends, it works. That just because you don’t start off a relationship in a positive manner, it can end up as a close friendship.I am grateful to Jack for teaching me to see the humor and fun in the mundane. 

He has a gift of using  wit and perspective to change the way things are perceived. 

I am grateful to Jack for his love of culture and world travel - he has taught me that the world offers so much beauty that a book can never describe and one must see. 

Sometimes, maybe even most times, courage is just showing up and sitting down.

I am grateful to Jack for his creativity, he has taught me to always look for alternatives when approaching work. 

Dapper…….what more to say!

I am grateful to Jack.  He taught me that those in the midst of the fight and refusal can benefit from hearing that others can see their strengths.

Dylan Thibodeau

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning”. Maya Angelou- 

Dylan has taught me to give kind words as often as I can. 

I am grateful to Dylan for his persistence.  He has taught me to persevere even when I am not sure what is coming next. 

How much a little drama and southern charm can help make for a joyful day

I am grateful to Dylan for teaching and showing me what grace, humor and sarcasm can do to develop closer relationships.

I always look forward to Dylan’s commentary and opinions. He has a sharp wit and a sharp mind, and sometimes a sharp tongue all wrapped up into one tall, slick, caring, and debonair fellow

I have learned from D.T. that you can comment on a person's behavior without offending them.

I am grateful to Dylan for his persistence, he has taught me to persevere even when I am not sure what is coming next. 

Brett Fritsche

 “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ― Albert Einstein

Remember that a project can be looked at in several ways and customized to fit the student needs. 

I am grateful to Brett for teaching me to listen and adjust projects so they remain relevant to the students, and to see the commitment and dedication in each effort.

Brett has matured so beautifully with the help Monarch Methods.  

Brett is the coolest! Brett is always thinking of others, what they might like to see, hear, laugh about. 

He was continuously showing leadership qualities by encouraging his peers to make it through difficult times. What a good friend! 

I am grateful to Brett for his love of nature- he has taught me to stop and observe my surroundings with a closer look. 

Slow and steady often gets you farther than sprinting. Laughter solves most issues.  Love is a gift that’s truly handmade.

Brett has taught me to always take time to stop and reflect on my thoughts.

I am grateful to Brett for his hard work, he has taught me to focus of hard work with strength. 

Brett’s work ethic and pride in our campus makes me proud to be associated with him.

Kevin Jackson

 ”We just have one life...Keep it simple...Be happy & keep others happy.”

Kevin has taught me to always smile and appreciate things that are important.

How excited students are when you help them to succeed at the tasks they are given.

I am grateful to Kevin for teaching me to slow down and listen, for teaching me persistence and patience.

I am grateful to Kevin for his dedication and loyalty.  He has taught me the amazing celebration of completing a goal.

Kevin’s enthusiasm in every day makes me want to reflect more on how precious a gift we have in our students.

Jodie Coorsh

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge”.  - Thomas Berger

Jodie has taught me to always be polite and help others

Jodie has taught me patience, resilience, tenacity. She surprises me so often with her ability to bounce-back. 

No matter what challenge Jodie is faced with she can always find something positive to talk about. 

I am grateful to Jodie for her daily smile and greeting, she has taught me to meet the day with joy. 

I am grateful to Jodie because I learned it is possible to adapt to change – Jodie changed groups this quarter and adapted very quickly to her new class.

I am grateful to Jodie for teaching me that humor keeps us connected.


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