Life Academy Expands Business Role to Help Students Grow in their Relationship to the World of Work

Please welcome our new staff to the Life Academy! Jenna Halseth, LMSW; Karen Porter, M.Ed. and Samantha Sanchez, B.S., join the Life Academy as Professional Business Educators with special education and business experience.                    

The new roles highlight the integration of Monarch core values into the businesses that help students grow in their relationship to the world of work.

Plans are underway for the new cafe in collaboration with our partner, Starbucks and all of the new cafe tables and chairs provide an inviting area for our students. 

Samantha and Karen have experience in the kitchen working in education and small business operations.   Samantha brings her nutritional expertise to the daily meals and snacks for the students and staff, while saving a little extra special magic for our culinary gifts in the Monarch Store.  Bright new products and bright new faces abound as the students learn, practice and apply new skills this summer.  
Students have been busy working on new lines of products for the renovated store, Wings!   They have expanded their cork products while adding to the spa collection which will include creams, balms, salts, soaps, and even candles.
The culinary group is adding 'spice sticks' and other kitchen items to liven up your home meals.   We also have imprinted mugs and travel mugs for our Monarch supporters and fans. Jenna works with the students to facilitate the business operations including accounting, purchasing and technology.

Karen has experience working with students of all neurological levels and is putting that wisdom to work as she works on updating and expanding our jewelry offerings.   In addition to the autism bracelets, Monarch bracelets and other items from "Butterflies and Beads", she is also working on developing our line of cool wraps to keep your body temperature cool in the warmth of the summer.  

As we get ready for our five major festivals this fall, students also apply their project based learning to hosting luncheons including the annual Green Architects Conference in Houston in June and will be hosting staff from some of our replication schools this week.   Uniforms are in from our latest orders, so stop by and pick up your student uniforms, meet the new staff, and browse the new items in the Monarch Wings store located at the entry of the Life Academy.

See you soon.  
Linda Caruso 

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