Therapy Services

Music Therapy Students Create Original Improvisations and Compositions This quarter we are highlighting some of the outstanding work students are doing to create original improvisations and compositions.  These music therapy techniques support work in the Four Core Goals and celebrate the unique musical strengths and ideas of each student.  This work invites participants to communicate in creative, appropriate ways, spontaneously generate and express ideas in relationship with others, and practice ownership of their artistry and interactions.“Leaving the Nest” by Ben Neal, William, Ms. Stephanie, and Ms. Cay – an original improvisation to practice active listening and reciprocity, equitable participation, and self-regulation while utilizing high-preference instruments. “Runaway Love” by Sami, Evan, Edward, Ms. Cay, and Ms. Courtenay (DaCamera Young Artist) – an original improvisation working to synchronize “I” and “we” and expanding communication competence – students agreed on an image of “love” and a basic chord progression that inspired their spontaneous music. “It Will Get Easier” by Travis and Ms. Cay – an original composition celebrating milestones in making friends, overcoming social anxiety, and expressing optimism about future relationship development.                  

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