Artist Khalid

The Monarch Institute Hosts the Official Opening Celebration of the First Solo Exhibition by Artist Khalid

The Monarch Institute presents an Opening Celebration of the first solo exhibition by artist Khalid Friday, November 14, 5pm-7pm.

Khalid is a comic and surrealist artist from Abu – Dhabi, UAE. He has been drawing and experimenting with his ballpoint pen art for more than five years in hopes of evolving and improving his skill significantly.

Apart from being an artist, Al-Alawi is also a passionate writer and musician with love for crafting original works, such as plots for a book depicting a dystopia, and concept albums as a one-man metal band.

Inspired by art figures such as Osamu Tezuka, Art Spiegelman, Dan Seagrave, and H. R. Giger (the prime influence for surrealism), Al-Alawi is also inspired by current and historic events, particularly political ones.

Notes from the artist -

Within the turn of the page you are probably going to do, lies an imagination in a period of improvement. The imagination of mine consists of summaries of humanity, whether it reflects the darkly sides of good or evil, the clean or filthy, the right or wrong, the personal and the public, and the wants and needs. 

My art is basically, in my opinion, obscure pieces of elegance, expressing statements about what has happened and what can soon happen, explanations about current events, and other aspects that mainly point fingers towards a pitch black abyssal corner of mankind’s character. 

To make my art significant, I threw in features that one can deem simply crazy or monstrously creative, and I know there is a line to cross; many were more like that when Giger’s work was first viewed upon. 

The reason I continue to commit to surrealist art is that you can say certain things without the use of your vocal cords, teeth, tongue, throat, or the rest of your mouth, it is that obvious, but it is an action, and we can certainly agree that actions do indeed have a higher volume than words. 

The prime reason why I make art in general is because I am driven by either interesting attention-getters that stories, movies and other forms of entertainment have to offer, or current events that represent negativity, tragedy, or ignorance, but most commonly because I want to improve my artistic skill with my fellow pen. 

So the fellow reader, or viewer, I present you this compilation of my graphic fine art for either your curiosity, your anticipation, your tastes, or whatever feeling that drove you to peep at this…this is Impulsu.

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