Diagnostic Clinic

The Monarch Diagnostic Clinic provides individuals of all ages in the community with the following assessments and services:

  • Psychological assessments
  • Psychoeducational assessments
  • Speech/language assessments
  • Academic assessments
  • Sensory/motor skills assessments
  • Program planning and treatment recommendations
  • Consultative services

Professional Faculty

Our team provides high quality diagnostic, psychological, psychoeducational and speech/language assessments. Our experienced team of clinicians sensitively and collaboratively assesses a broad range of functional domains, including psychopathology/symptom expression (Autism Spectrum Disorders, AD/HD, Tourette Syndrome, OCD, learning disorders, traumatic brain injury and recovery, mood disorders, etc.), intelligence, achievement, adaptive functioning, communication styles and relationship preparedness in children and adults.

The Clinic faculty consists of:

Shawn Hirsch, Ph.D., LSSP, Psychologist
Stacy Lowers, B.A., Psychometrician 
Sharon Duval, M.A., CCC/SLP, Speech pathologist and DIR® therapist 
Ann Schmitz, M.S., CCC/SLP, Speech Language Pathologist 
Lacey Kafer, B.S., MOT/OTR, Occupational Therapist
Jessie Blakely, B.S., Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant
Mary Zamora, MT-BC, Board Certified Neurologic Music Therapist 
Shannon Viola, Ph.D., LSSP, Psychologist 

Proven Tools

Using a developmental model to guide assessment, The Monarch Diagnostic Clinic offers a broad range of state-of-the-art instruments (IQ and academic achievement tests, structured interviews and behavioral samples, research-proven inventories and questionnaires, and more) for assessing children and adults with special needs or unusual clinical presentations.

Comprehensive Assessments

Each individual’s pattern of strengths and areas of relative challenge are carefully considered as we make detailed recommendations. We use a targeted combination of direct assessment and information gathering techniques to gain a fully well-rounded perspective on our clients’ functioning. For students and working adults, we include a report section that includes basic, school- or workplace-friendly psychoeducational objectives, providing a framework for implementing support across settings.

Pre-Admissions Testing

Families applying for enrollment at The Monarch School often opt to use our Diagnostic Clinic to conduct pre-admissions testing, which provides our faculty with important information about cognitive and academic functioning within a developmental and relational framework. Many schools require a recent assessment prior to admission to help guide their decision-making about whether a child is a good match for their programs. We also provide pre-admissions testing for other schools, colleges, and advanced training programs, and can provide documentation for those applying for accommodations or special services. Our clinicians carefully tailor these assessments to match the requirements of the potential educational setting, and can provide initial suggestions for programming based on the snapshot of functioning gathered during testing.

Scheduling an Assessment?

Your child's preparedness can be very important. Click here for helpful tips on preparing for an evaluation. 

To Learn More or Contact Us

For more information about our services, click here to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact our Clinic Coordinator at 713.479.0800. To schedule an appointment, you may call our clinic or complete an online request for information by clicking here.