Emily Richards, B.S.

Professional Educator
Professional Educators

Emily Richards is from the great state of Alabama. She earned her B.S. in Elementary Education at Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, AL.

As a freshman in college she majored in Music Business, but changed to Elementary Education her junior year. Working as a tutor and assistant choir director throughout school shined a light on the true passion of teaching. Since 2006 she has worked with numerous age spans through academics, music/theater and sports. In all of those years children that were considered Exceptional Learners would latch onto her and naturally relate to her much better than other instructors. Their intellect, humor and resilience enticed her interest into the field of Special Needs.

As of 2013, she has been effectively working with children on the spectrum and with severe ADD/ADHD. They have proven to become some of the most loving, challenging and rewarding students she’s met and have unknowingly encouraged her to grow and learn more to better serve them and help them fulfill their full potential.