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Monarch’s Life Academy is the practice center for of all of life’s learning; home-living, personal skills, community engagement, and employment. Through our 5 learner-operated, entrepreneurial enterprises, students translate academic learning into meaningful, functional skills and develop an understanding of participating in all aspects of the world around them; living, social, and career success.

Life Academy opportunities include participating in one or more of the school-based enterprises, meeting with local professionals both on and off campus, community based exploration of business operations, engage in generating ideas from conception to production for the purpose of sale, and participation in employment-related skills development through Employability classes. Learners engage in real-life work experiences in on-campus internships and off campus externships while integrating life-skills practices in preparation for the world of work and interdependent living. Hands-on experiences in Monarch’s 5 enterprises enhances lives in meaningful ways.

Visit Monarch’s Life Academy to see the outcome of dedication and creativity from our learner-operated enterprises; Culinary, Gardening, Office Assistant, Production, Retail.

Become a Speaker

As Monarch prepare our learners for their future, we honor the successes of business professionals in the community and welcome individuals to take time to share experiences with Monarch learners. As a speaker, you contribute more than business experience, you open doors for new opportunities for Monarch’s learners. Sharing your life decisions and choices, and lessons you’ve learned encourages learners to take risks, just as you, to make advancement in life.

If you would like to share your story with our learners, please contact the Life Academy, (713)-479-0800 or email us at