Academic and Therapeutic Programs Available

The Monarch School provides an innovative education for students with autism, ADHD, and learning disorders, combining academic rigor with therapeutic practices that address each student’s specific needs.

A Transformative Approach

We believe that a quality education must be learner-centered and intrinsically motivated. Our approach is consistent with the psychological research and framework for school design and reform described in the American Psychological Association’s 1990 study, entitled “Learner-Centered Psychological Principles.” We designed our programs so that they focus on the critical, cognitive, motivational and affective factors that contemporary research suggests determines success in school and life.

Our Four Core Goals™

We also believe that true growth takes place within a developmental context, and it’s this principle thatled us to create our Four Core Goals:

  • Self-regulation and self-awareness
  • Executive functions
  • Relationship development
  • Academic and professional competence

By pursuing activities that lead directly to growth in these areas, we ensure that your child progresses as a student and as a well-rounded person.

Levels of Development

To maximize the potential of our Four Core Goals, we created our four-stage Developmental Levels System:

  • Novice
  • Apprentice
  • Challenger
  • Voyager

For each level, our students will work on individual objectives within the Four Core Goal areas.

  • Students working primarily on Novice and Apprentice objectives have practice zones in the Chrysalis program
  • Students working primarily on Apprentice, Challenger and Voyager objectives find practice zones in the Butterfly and Transition Services programs.


As objectives are mastered, new ones are chosen. Roles for teachers, questions for students, parent training priorities, social grouping and curriculum selections all vary according to the student’s individual objectives.

Customized Learning

Monarch studies each student’s style of learning and executive functioning—as well as their unique approach to how they organize their relational, personal, and cognitive tasks and functions.

Using this information, our faculty develops a neurodevelopmental profile that highlights the strengths and challenges of each student, and this directly informs the treatment plan. We then identify targets within our four Levels of Development so that our students, families, and professional educators understand the pivotal skills and strategies that will promote growth.

Guided Coaching

Our students’ neurological differences marginalized them in typical educational settings, depriving them of the many practices necessary to regulate themselves in response to a challenging world. Thanks to our exceptionally low faculty-student ratio of 1:2.5 at the Monarch School, we can provide each student with a teacher or coach who facilitates the individual practices, guiding, counseling, and mentoring each student needs to succeed. 

Experienced Specialists

At Monarch, our integrated multidisciplinary teams of psychologists, social workers, counselors, and therapists work with professional educators to develop relationship-based behavioral and cognitive plans. Together, these experts design tracking and reflection systems that support the work of our students as they progress through our Levels System.

Our students are given thousands of opportunities to practice skills and strategies in our Four Core Goal areas, which encourages ownership and awareness of their progress. In turn, this helps them develop self-monitoring strategies and intentional goal setting at every level.