Therapy Services

Our Approach

Each child processes information differently and it is important for us to understand each child’s processing profile to support learning and emotional development.

Therefore, our approach focuses on learning each child’s strengths and challenges so that we can support the child’s development in the Monarch four core goals: self regulation/awareness, relationship development, executive functioning and academic competence.

We do this by building emotional connections with the child through interactions that include the exchange of emotions. Emotions mobilize us and lead the way to all learning.

Studies have shown that the mind and the brain grow most rapidly as an outgrowth of these types of interactions.

Therapy Options

Professional Clinicians

Our team provides high quality diagnostic assessments to identify strengths and challenges and use therapeutic techniques to help individuals reach their optimal level in all areas of functioning. Our experienced clinicians collaboratively assess and treat a broad range of functional domains, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, AD/HD, Tourette Syndrome, OCD, learning disorders, traumatic brain injury and recovery, and mood disorders.

The Therapy Services Faculty consists of:

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For more information about our services, contact our Clinic Coordinator at 713.479.0800.