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The Monarch School and Institute serves students and young adults with neurological differences. Our students are often diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, or other neurodevelopmental disorders that impact learning and development.

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Welcome to Monarch

With an emphasis on the needs of people with neurological differences, The Monarch School specializes in developing collaborative educational opportunities to ensure that our students can achieve in the classroom and thrive in the real world.

  • Programs

    We designed our Chrysalis, Bridge, Butterfly, Transition, and Residential programs to meet the needs of your child both in and out of the classroom. This includes a specific focus upon their academic aptitude, social development, and lifelong employability.

  • Who Should Apply

    We welcome children with learning and neurological differences whose emotional development and information processing needs are not being met.

  • Graduation Pathways

    With three primary paths to graduation, your child will receive a completely customized curriculum that meets their specific needs.

  • School Amenities

    From top-notch computer labs and lush greenspaces to student-to-teacher ratios as low as 2-to-1 in some classrooms, your child will benefit from a cutting-edge learning environment that’s flush with emotional warmth.

  • Student Demographics

    We have a diverse array of students with unique neurological needs as well as cultural background.

  • Academics

    Monarch employs an evidence-based academic approach that individually addresses specific deficits in your child’s education and then provides students opportunities to showcase and build up their talents.

Inclusive. Transformative. Innovative.

Globally recognized and dedicated to providing an innovative, therapeutic education for individuals with neurological differences, the Monarch School creates learning and living environments that support self-determination and empowerment in our students throughout their entire lives.

  • Full Graduation Pathways

    Through our 3 graduation pathways, we make sure that our students are geared for educational and personal success. 

  • Most inclusive school

    Unlike other schools for students with neurological differences, we are one of the most inclusive schools in Texas.

  • Transformational

    We believe in helping our students transform with our focus on helping them grow and develop.

  • Year Round Enrollment

    We allow student enrollment all year.

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Meet Some of Our Faculty

  • Sarah Torres

  • Thomas Mancha

  • Dulce Castelan

  • Leslie Binyon

  • Lacey Kafer


  • He made progress in areas I never expected. He started to become more aware that his behavior affected others in positive and negative ways. And he was striving to affect people around him in positive ways.

    Susan R. - Bridge Program

  • If I had known Monarch had been here, and what it was like, I wouldn’t have fought the move for so many years. And I thought, no we’re not going to go. Once I found out about Monarch, we got her here. And wow, I wish we’d have moved sooner.

    Suzanne R. - Butterfly Program

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  • Art Therapy Group for Teens

    6 week program

    The Monarch Center

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  • Mugs for Monarch

    Great Heights Brewing Co. Tuesday, May 7th 5:30pm to 7:30pm 938 Wakefield Dr Houston, TX 77018

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  • Quest for Success

    Michelle Garcia, Psy. D. & Associates Thursday, June 6th 9:00am - 3:00pm The Monarch Center

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