The Monarch School and Institute
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About Monarch


welcome from The Head of School

Here at The Monarch School, we are dedicated to providing an innovative, therapeutic education for individuals with neurological differences—so that each unique individual can move forward and respond to life’s opportunities armed for success.


Why are we here?

The Monarch School and Institute serves students and young adults with neurological differences. Our students are often diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, AD/HD, Learning Disabilities or other neurodevelopmental disorders that impact learning and development. Our students often have difficulties in organization, planning, motivation, social/emotional development and information processing.

Did you know that a new case of autism is diagnosed every 15 minutes? That an estimated one out of every six children is affected by neurological conditions that require treatment? About 1 in 59 children have been identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) according to estimates from CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network. [Read article]

These alarming statistics are why The Monarch School and Institute exists.

We are committed to helping individuals get the chance they deserve to make more significant contributions to the world. Our students and clients drive our thinking at all times, and we consider it a privilege to serve them.

What are our guiding principles?

First, we are dedicated to empowering individuals with neurological differences.

Second, we are devoted to knowing and serving each person we work with—not as a diagnosis, but as a unique individual who learns, thinks and experiences the world like no one else.

Third, we are committed to providing each student and client with individualized intervention plans, which are firmly rooted in our Four Core Goals™ and follow the developmentally sequenced targets of our Levels System.


Fourth, we are faithful in the reflective care of our students, adult learners, and clients, knowing that they will need many opportunities to practice the important skills required to be successful in life.

What do we believe?

Everyone can move forward in their development, and it is our job as educators and mental health professionals to foster joy in relationships and a love of learning. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and that wisdom is the outcome of The Monarch School experience.

We want to break down stereotypes associated with neurological differences. We have the privilege of discovering gifts, talents and strengths that might have gone unrealized. And we have the honor of introducing our clients to the world as they really are—competent, strong, smart, tenacious and funny—and the world is often surprised.

If you are already connected with The Monarch School and Institute, thank you for everything you do to make this such an incredible corner of the world. If you are new, we hope this glimpse of life within our therapeutic community renews your belief in the power of commitment, love and hard work to truly Transform Lives.

Patti Pace, Head of School


Who We Serve

students, pre-k through grade 12 and adults with autism, AD/HD, communication challenges, and learning disorders, combining academic rigor with therapeutic practices that address each student’s specific needs. Our adult Community is served in our Transition Services post secondary program.


Anxiety Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Communication Challenges

Learning Challenges

Mood Disorders
Motor Disorders
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Neurodevelopmental Disorders


Our Mission

The Monarch School and Institute is globally recognized and dedicated to providing an innovative, therapeutic education for individuals with neurological differences in an environment that supports self-determination and empowerment in the greater community.



Our work makes a difference by providing education and therapeutic support to individuals with neurological differences, and their families, in a safe environment helping them reach their fullest potential in all aspects of life, academics, social, employment, and interdependent living.

We impact the future of our learners by providing opportunities to identify and access their strengths and talents in order to develop and maintain relationships, be contributing members of society, and to venture out into the world with permission to be themselves, confident and with a sense of purpose.

We are a relationship-based, co-creating community that provides a fun, flexible learning environment to support learners in reaching their potential.

Monarch’s work improves the quality of lives for our learners, their families, our communities, and us.

Building strong, supportive relationships is the key to learning and growth.



To serve the educational needs of individuals with neurological differences by offering a unique, therapeutic learning environment where active minds are challenged, all are treated with respect and dignity, learning is a joy, and wisdom is the outcome.



To develop active critical thinkers and problem solvers

To teach the members of our community how to create and reach their goals

To nurture socially competent and responsible individuals

To encourage emotional competence and responsibility

To provide those with neurological differences a successful school and life experience and hope for their future



The Monarch School is dedicated to serving the educational needs of individuals with neurological differences by offering a unique, therapeutic learning environment where active minds are challenged, all are treated with respect and dignity, learning is a joy, and wisdom is the outcome.



Average Students to 1 Faculty Member

All teachers are degreed; many have advanced degrees, some of the fields include: education, special education and psychology. Our teachers are experienced in child development and teaching students with diverse learning needs.


Acre Campus & LEED® Gold Certified

Unique environmental indoor design with indirect lighting and soothing colors specifically designed for individuals with neurological differences.


Students Currently Enrolled

A therapeutic school, which offers each student a curriculum that uniquely blends psychology and education to provide a highly individualized program to meet the child’s emotional, social and academic needs.


Life Academy

 Monarch’s Life Academy is the practice center for of all of life’s learning; home-living, personal skills, community engagement, and employment. Through our 5 learner-operated, entrepreneurial enterprises, students translate academic learning into meaningful, functional skills and develop an understanding of participating in all aspects of the world around them; living, social, and career success.


Our Faculty

Monarch faculty are passionately committed to serving the special education needs of students in the community by offering an innovative, therapeutic learning environment where active minds are challenged, all are treated with respect and dignity, learning is a joy, and wisdom is the outcome. 



Monarch isn’t just a school. It’s a home for students with disabilities like me to get away from the torture of the real world and get ready to go back when they have learned to cope. It doesn’t just take a couple of years, but a lifetime of trying your best. Monarch is a steppingstone … actually, it’s many steppingstones all rolled into one. But you don’t realize what has been accomplished until you leave. The day you leave Monarch, you look back and see all the progress you have made. I have matured into the butterfly that is the metaphor of The Monarch School. I haven’t completely gotten rid of my problems but having a family like The Monarch School helped me to cope with them. Now I have the skills to deal with the problems of the real world
— Former Monarch student


 History & Accreditations

A precursor of The Monarch Institute for Neurological Differences, The Monarch School was founded in 1997 in response to a critical need in our region—to serve students with neurological differences who required a program that provided cognitive, emotional and social development components. Before The Monarch School existed, many families were forced to send their children to residential, out-of-state schools.