The Monarch School and Institute

Tuition & Fees

There are several levels of tuition costs associated with each program at The Monarch School. Tuition is based on the level of care required for each individual student. The starting tuition level for each new student is determined upon completion of the admissions process.



+ Tuition Rates

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Chrysalis Program (PreK-12)

Chrysalis 1: $41,420

Chrysalis 2: $49,415

Butterfly Program (6th - 12th grade)

Butterfly 1: $31,630

Butterfly 2: $34,395

Butterfly 3: $36,855

Butterfly 4: $56,645

Transition Services (Post-Grad Adult Program)

Transition Services 1: $17,225

Transition Services 2: $27,475

Transition Services 3: $32,905

Residential Program

Butterfly Transition Services Home Living: $41,805

Transition Services Home Living: $36,515

Transition Services Apartment Living: $28,695

Transition Services Case Management: Dependent upon the level of services ranges from $6,000 to $14,400*

+ Tuition includes:

Instructional supplies and books

Technology fees

Activity fees

School pictures

Local field trip transportation and fees


Parent education

Other necessary services and materials

+ Tuition does not include:

Music therapy (group or individual, except Chrysalis Program)

Training center workshops (fee reduced for Monarch parents)

Diagnostic services

Summer educational program (included in Chrysalis Program)

Home consultations

Consultation for other community settings (schools, churches, scouts, etc.)

Therapy services (included at Chrysalis 2 tuition level only)