Kristopher Kindrick

Company: EagleClaw Midstream Ventures, LLC

Title: Vice President, Commercial

Board Member Since: 2015

Board Committee: Chairman of the Marketing Committee

What originally inspired you to join the Monarch board and why did you become involved with Monarch Institute Board of Directors?

Through the Rice University Board Fellows program, I was offered the opportunity to serve on the Board of Trustees for the Monarch School and Institute. My passion for helping others, specifically children, aligns well with Monarch’s mission of empowering vulnerable individuals with neurological differences.

There are many things in life I can spend my time doing. However, few things in life are more meaningful to me than contributing to a cause that empowers individuals to make a more meaningful contribution in life. Monarch embodies this statement and truly changes lives of individuals with neurological differences for the better. I am humbled and excited to devote my time and energy to a school that truly enriches the lives of children in need. My hope is that my time and effort on the board will enable Monarch to reach out and help as many students as possible.

TrusteeCarly Kindrick