The Monarch School and Institute

Bridge Program
6th Through 12th grade

The Bridge Program serves students at the middle and high school academic levels in their development within the Four Core Goals™. Students best served in Bridge are those progressing in the Four Core Goals™ but still requiring support for transitions and the academic opportunities the secondary grade levels offer. Our students are all unique and as a result our programming is tailored to meet individuals where they are both therapeutically and academically. Bridge teachers and therapeutic coaches offer that “just right” support as students become more confident and independent.

In Bridge, students are introduced to a multi-part schedule that includes changing classes while interacting with a variety of learners and adults throughout their day. Bridge offers a co-hort experience with a low ratio usually 4:1 for academic / content classes, while exposing the student to a broader community of friends for elective classes with class ratios of 6/8:1.


+ Executive Functioning

At The Monarch School, your child will be assigned a multidisciplinary team that develops relationship-based behavioral and learning plans that are specific to your child’s individual needs. We will also design tracking and reflection systems that chart your child’s personal growth toward ownership of objectives and targets within the Four Core Goals™.

Together, students and faculty reflect on their goals each class period. Data is continually collected and analyzed, and as objectives are mastered, new ones are chosen – cooperatively. In this way, your child develops self-monitoring techniques as part of a toolbox of strategies that promote regulation and engagement, especially as therapeutic and academic expectations are increased.

+ Relationship Development

Thanks to a variety of social opportunities, we promote the creation of healthy relationships in both small groups and larger groups within the community. Your child will learn how to initiate and participate in community service projects, community meetings, clubs, and committees.

We also offer secondary school experiences, such as socials/dances, prom, graduation, camp retreats, and field trips. Furthermore, through the Butterfly social justice/mediation system, learners develop strategies that help each other reach a mutually beneficial resolution after a conflict.

+ Academic and Professional Competence

We offer 3 Pathways to high school students preparing them for post-secondary experiences after graduation; a 4-year College Pathway, a 2-year Associates/Certificate Pathway, and a Transition Pathway.

All pathways address academics as well as exposure to employment possibilities and experiences.

+ Beyond the Horizon / Employability

As part of our commitment to future employability, students are given career interest inventories starting at age 12. Monarch elective offerings are aligned with both the survey interest areas and the state endorsement categories helping students explore electives in their area of interest develop their employability skills. Some of the elective offerings in our Life Academy include Culinary Arts, Business, Marketing, Production, Woodworking, Art, Photography, and more.